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200 Games Tested in Linux

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Feb 4, 2015.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. mrdeathjr28
    Good work step by step you have 200 titles tested

  2. booman
    Thanks, I try to keep track of all the games we have tested here at GamersOnLinux.com and include a few links to help others.

    If you think about it, Steam has 900 Linux games and here is another 200+ games that run on Linux in PlayOnLinux (Wine).
    So thats already over 1000 games in Linux.
    Thanks to Wine of course!

    As more games are ported to Linux and run in Wine we will have more games than consoles. It will take a while, but I believe it will happen.

    How many games do you think you have tested mrdeathjr?
  3. mrdeathjr28
    Comparing since begins with blog using picasa gallery (around 6 years this may and this galleries have around 5500 images) and now with youtube channel with around 1930 videos for now (and many when dont work) i said test around 1200 titles maybe more

  4. booman
    Wow! Those test are all using Wine?
  5. mrdeathjr28
    Yeah all this titles with wine (many works but other dont)

  6. booman
    Do you keep a list of all the games like I have?
    I would love to link to it because people have to know that PC games run in Linux.
    Specially 1000+ tested games.

    They are all directx 9 games right?
  7. mrdeathjr28
    Yeah dx9 games + some opengl titles

    However more needed than list with works or non works game, is more important list with related as which games is possible play until the end

  8. booman
    How many native Linux games have you tested?
  9. mrdeathjr28
    Very few, only test emulators native like as dolphin, pscx2 and others

    I stay focus on wine gaming mainly

  10. junior freire
    hey man congratulations you`re definetely a linux gamer tks for share this with us.
  11. booman
    No problem! We love testing our games in Wine with hopes to run all PC games.
    We always need more testers...

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