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A step down on the way up.

Discussion in 'Enlightenment Games' started by Daniel~, Dec 9, 2016.

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    Just something I came across along the way. It's from a movie whose name I don't seem to remember.

    "Yesterday upon the stair
    I met a man who wasn't there.
    He wasn't there again today.
    I wish that man would go away!."

    This from the 60's unknown source:

    If your not here after
    what I'm here after
    you'll be here after
    long after I'm gone.

    Yogi Berra (?sp?)

    "It's not over until the fat lady sings."

    "It's just like deja vue all over again!"


    "Had I been a good man I would have been happy most all of my life.
    As it is, I have only seldom been happy."

    Something of my own...

    On my brothers winter comes.

    All that we reach for
    leans away from us.
    those we would touch
    numb our hearts.

    The pain that they give us
    by suffering from our sins.
    the foot that drags
    and torments the foot that pulls.

    From where does salvation come?
    The silent curse we utter when
    we ask for love we cannot give?
    standing beside a grave, we struggle to live.

    In a cold so deep branches snap.
    From our jaws locked tight
    against the hard word
    there comes a quite humming
    as the sun of our fathers embraces the moon of our mothers
    to bring hope to our children's dreams of us.

    This grief that follows upon joy
    this joy that brings us grief
    Only a love that destroys us
    can brings us at last to relief.
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