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AMD Gallium Nine Drivers

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Conor McGuigan, Jan 10, 2017.

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    I moved our conversation away from the Skyrim guide to a new post....

    I'm not totally sure how it works with AMD drivers. I'm guessing the new driver will remove the old proprietary AMD driver and install the new AMD driver with Gallium Nine Support.
    Here is some information about updating your AMD drivers with a PPA source:
    Updated and Optimized AMD Drivers

    The way it works with Nividia is I just add a PPA source to my updates and then go to my Driver Manager. It will show the new and older drivers available for my video card. I just click install in Mint and wait. Mint takes care of everything... then I reboot.
    I always check the Nvidia control panel to make sure it updated to the new driver.

    I'm hoping its this simple with AMD as well. I tried to run some updates on my Mint machine with my older AMD card, but I didn't check Driver Manager. I'll check it tonight and see if there is any proprietary drivers available.

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