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Audiophile Linux

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, May 31, 2018.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, May 31, 2018.

  1. Daniel~
    A Distro for every need.!
    Great find Boo!
  2. booman
    Yeah, I'm curious what compatibility it has with expansion sound cards like Sound Blaster and external A/D devices.

    Some day I'm going to make a small recording studio and I have to consider all of this for multi-track recording.
  3. Daniel~
    I have a spare 90 gig SSD, I may give this a try. Doubt I'll use it as My music mostly comes from the state library. I'd have to re-take out and rip hundreds, well over two hundred disks to rip again.... depends on my energy levels and how well I understand the new distro...we'll see.
  4. Daniel~
    Download is going to take 20hours+ and still climbing, that's for free paid is faster, that seems to be the only difference between free and paid. Seems reasonable.
  5. Daniel~
    Don't look at me...it's still downloading...I think they really meant it when they said it was a 24 hour download... but hey it's for MUSIC!
  6. booman
    Geesh, how large is the image?
    WOW! 3 days for me!
    That is crazy!
    They would be better off using Google Docs
  7. Daniel~
    I think he's just trying to get paid for his work... If you pay a fast download from his server, if you can't pay a very slow 17K on an 828 megs.

    I was down for 3 or for hours.

    I've been getting 100mb speed tests consistently for a few days now and so to celebrate this fine achievement Centurylink picked a perfectly clam and clear night to kill my connection, So it goes...
  8. Daniel~
    As I supposedly have but 1 hour and 26 minutes left in my download, I took a look at the install instructions. It's not at all clear to me why installing this is such a bitch!
  9. Daniel~
    `I ordered some DVD blanks from Ebay. I Might get this a try, looks complicated as hell to install.
  10. booman
    So you really are going to try this?
  11. Daniel~
    I don't think so, but never think I'm going to try something over my heard, then
    I remember that Chris and Thunder road probably aren't doing anything all that important....":O}
    Honestly I think the provider needs to discover a better way to install
    before I jump in.

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