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Congressmen J.Lewis recived his flag.

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Daniel~

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    We have much to morn with his passing. His virtues will inspire Americans who under take to live Lives of duty and of faith, for generations.

    I never really paid that much attention to the way the flag, our flag participates
    in the laying to rest of heroes, our hero's

    I watched John Lewis's flag being folded for the last time.

    Other flags will fly tomorrow, but not this flag,

    This flag entombs Congressmen Lewis's spirit within it's folds.
    He was an ardent believer in just two things. Jesus Christ and the constitution,
    Our Jesus, our constitution.

    A Sargent or Chief from each of our service branches lined up upon the casket.

    each has a hand on the flag they hold over dear Mr. Lewis.

    They are still, strong in their stance. their cadence is markedly slow.
    They have no other place they need to be.

    They are in no hurry to say good bye.

    Rather they strive to be perfect as they ritually pass the flag, our flag
    back and fourth between them. Each man adding a fold or tightening the fold or caressing the fold into perfection.

    They are solemn, they are upright and immaculate. They impart this into the folds of John Lewis',
    Our John Lewis's flag.

    One of the finale shaping s is to further flatten and neaten the folded flag, our flag.
    The folding team surrenders John Lewis' flag to a single man.
    he receives it in his two hands, our hands, and then crushes the flag to his breast tightly as if he never wanted to let it go.

    "They who have born the battle" laid "one who had born the battle" to rest.

    'This is what democracy looks like."

    John Lewis is what our democracy looks like.
    And we are in tears to see him go.
  2. cloasters

    cloasters Moderator

    Jul 3, 2013
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    Our paragons of virtue seem to become fewer. Mr Lewis received far more than his own share of physical abuse in aid of all of our civil rights. It requires much courage to stand in front of our powerful anti-human hordes in and out of uniform. Thank you very much John.

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