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Darksiders I & II on GOG.com

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, May 11, 2015.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, May 11, 2015.

  1. Daerandin
    If they add the Linux versions, then I'll be getting both games from GOG, but I'm not buying until I see Linux versions. Darksiders 1 have a Linux version already if I'm not mistaken, but Darksiders 2 is yet to get a Linux version.
  2. booman
    I checked Steam and only Windows for both.
    Where have you seen a Linux version for Darksiders 1?
    Notice the screen I posted?
  3. Daerandin
    Yep, I recognized the screenshot from my guide.

    The wikipedia page for Darksiders claim there is a Linux version, but it is not on Steam or GOG. But if GOG start distributing the Linux version then I'll definitely get it. Some googling brings me to several websites that claim Darksiders 2 have been confirmed for Linux, but nothing more and those news are from last year.

    Interestingly, I can't seem to find the Linux version of Darksiders 1 available anywhere.
  4. booman
    Yeah, strange...
    I hope they really do get ported to Linux, until then, your guide will suffice.
    I will probably wait for a summer sale before buying them.
    Something I noticed about GOG is they delay the Linux releases for a long time with certain games. I'm not sure why, but I've discussed it with a few people on reddit.
    There are some games that have Linux versions on Humble Bundle and Steam, but not GOG.
  5. Daerandin
    I think it comes from GOG's quality focus. They actually play through their games on the supported platforms before making them available. But why that would take longer for Linux is something I'm not sure of.
  6. booman
    Really? Thats cool, I want that job!
    Probably because they have to play it through on several distros and they probably have a small team.
    Doesn't matter really. I'm not in any hurry as long as they eventually add the Linux version I'm happy.
  7. mrdeathjr28
    Excelent news however in my case seems more interesting* saint row 2 and especially saint row the third (in steam have CEG protection and this give troubles in wine aka nodvd are required)

    * Darksiders not of all because native development still active hopefully will be launched soon

  8. booman
    I get tired of hearing about DRM protection for programs. Its such a hassle. Yet another reason to love GOG

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