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Favorite Screenshots

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Jul 12, 2020.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. Daerandin
    Very nice collection of screenshots. I do recognize several Doom (2016) screenshots, I played through it myself during the last couple of weeks. Which reminds me, I also get Doom Eternal running perfectly in Steamplay, even with all settings on maximum it runs smoothly.

    I also see some Skyrim and Shadow of Mordor if I am correct. But there are also several games here that I don't recognize.
  2. booman
    Yup, good guesses!
    Some of the other ones are:
    • Darksiders 2
    • Elder Scrolls Online
    • Borderlands 3
    • Random Horror games
    Nice, is Doom Eternal run that great!!!???

    Have you ever played Dying Light?
    I keep wanting to purchase it, but its probably really long game. I still have a list of 50+ games that I want to play... included Fallout 4. so not sure if I'll ever get a chance to play it.

  3. Daerandin
    Doom Eternal runs beautifully, I was surprised that I could max all settings, even on 2560 x 1440 resolution, it runs perfectly.

    Dying Light is an awesome game, but it is a long game too. I have over 200 hours in it currently, but that's because I got hooked on simply exploring and searching, trying to find all collectibles. You can fight zombies, but your primary means of survival is parkour. You can run, climb buildings, jump from roof to roof. There is also a leveling system in the game with perks as you improve your skills. And it has drop-in co-op, meaning that you can join a friends game with your character.

    I own Dying Light on Steam, which has a native Linux version. I don't know how it runs in Wine. It's a shame that GOG seems to have stopped pushing Linux support. Be aware that multiplayer games on GOG very frequently require you to run the GOG Galaxy client. I saw this in another game I own on GOG, which was quite a disappointment. But that is a very good deal for the game on GOG right now.
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  4. Gizmo
    Here are a couple of my favorites.

    The lagoon nebula is an actual image from the Hubble.
    The second is from BattleStar Galactica (the 2004 one) and is IMO a beautiful CGI render of the Pegasus that I captured from the disk (I forget which episode).

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  5. Daniel~
    For this one we owe Danrok, Dan has been a source for desktop art for years now.":O}

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  6. booman
    Nice pics guys! I remember Danrok was a photographer. Didn't you have a bunch of pics on AOA forum?
  7. booman
    Wow I am even more impressed with Proton now! 2K resolutions and good performance! Something for me to look forward to... some day.

    UGH, why doesn't GOG push for more Linux ports? Why is Galaxy their "baby" right now?

    I would love to buy the Steam version, but if I want to play with my daughter, I would need to buy two copies. Dang!

    I just did this with Borderlands 3. Every Borderlands game can run in Steam offline and one person can host and others can join via LAN. They eventually did an update for Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel where the host had to be online, but the guests can still join via LAN with Steam offline. I couldn't get it to work in Borderlands 3 and we really wanted to play... so I noticed it was on sale for $30
  8. Daniel~
    Yep, still do. Dan has been extremely generous with me.":O}
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