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Godot Game Engine

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Feb 11, 2014.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Daerandin
    Thanks for posting this. It is my intention to try my hand with creating simple games at some point when I feel confident enough with programming. I am currently able to create very simple games with Python3 using the PyGame engine for Python.

    I am currently reading the well known book "The C Programming Language" and doing all exercises as they come along. I'm slightly less than halfway through the book. Next book is a book about GTK+ development with C, so I'll get the hang of making programs with a GUI which will be useful if I want others than programmers to be able to use whatever programs I might create.

    Some time after this, my plan was to have a look at simple game development, and for that I would need a free and open source engine. I'm happy to have a list of alternatives to choose from for when I decide to give it a try. Multi-platform is always a good plus.
  2. booman
    Sounds like you are giving game development a serious consideration.
    A couple of years ago I tried to get involved with Asset design and texture design.
    I have a repository of about 100 textures and many of them are seamless.
    I was actually pretty good with photographing and modifying textures.
    3D asset design, on the other hand, was very difficult. Modeling in Sketchup or Blender then optimizing with normal, baking, smoothing etc... then importing into the engine... very long tedious work. I actually enjoyed it, but needed some help.

    Eventually I'll get back into 3D Asset design but for now I'm committed to game testing in Linux.

    If you are going to put a team together, I recommend going to Moddb.com get the word out... unless you have some local friends that are interested.
    What else are you going to do when its night-time all 24 hours a day?
  3. Daerandin
    My thoughts on giving game development a try are still way ahead. I want to learn C++ first, in addition to C which I'm learning now. And my idea of how to properly learn it is to work my way through several high rated books, while writing some useful code for my own use. Only problem is that it takes time. This is still just a thought, something I'd very much like to give a try but only after I feel confident enough.

    I have zero experience in anything related to Asset and texture design, so that might be a challenge. Finding people interested in giving a helping hand might be a good idea when this becomes a reality. Although I do not have anything big in mind, but that might be since I'm still pretty much of a noob at programming.

    Oh and speaking of the sun, it first showed itself again the 21st of January. I just didn't get to see it before last week since it is only now that it has begun to actually stay up above the moutains for more than half an hour. I think we have about 3-4 hours of sunlight per day now.
  4. booman
    I thought about learning some programming language. I've learned HTML, CSS and Actionscript and found that I have a little patience for it. But I have a feeling I would never be as passionate or driven as most successful programmers. I am a visual person and love to create the visible. I know that without programming nothing will happen with games. A programmer can make/break the success of a game. Graphics are important but doesn't seem to be as important... aka Minecraft.

    So keep at it. If anything, you can improve your job situation and program for a living.

    Glad you got to see the sun finally. What time of day did it come out?
    I live in a desert, so the sun can be quite a burden when its 110 degrees outside.
  5. Daerandin
    Programming has turned out to be right up my alley, I absolutely love it. Python was a lot of fun to learn, but I'm having much more fun with C. Although I did struggle a bit with bitwise operators. This is very low level stuff so nothing like it in Python. Basically, it's about working with the individual bits of a value. I had to google for a better online tutorial to wrap my mind around it. Still, most of C was just learning the different syntax and how to properly work with it.

    The sun comes up around 10 these days if I'm not mistaken. The coming months are very nice here, more daylight and less snow, although it usually still snows in April, and some days in May too.

    I don't think I'd survive in a desert. A warm summer day here rarely goes above 20 degrees celsius, at most it might go as high as 25 (roughly 77 fahrenheit). I tend to find it uncomfortable if temperatures rise above 15 (59 fahrenheit). But the 24 hour sunshine we have during summer is quite nice. I often take a stroll through the forest around midnight in the sunshine.
  6. booman
    Very nice! Keep up the hard work. Programmers are ALWAYS in demand. And you can work from home for companies across the globe. Can't beat that!

    I know we are off topic....
    But, yeah the heat is bad. We run A/C all day long and all night long. The A/C in my car doesn't work and I drive to work every day. When I get home I have to sit and cool off before I can do anything.
    I don't love it, but the Winter here is like your summers.. cool around 70's

    Somehow I knew you were going to say the summer was 24 hours of sunlight. Crazy :p

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