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GOG Implementing DRM?

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Dec 30, 2014.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. booman
    Vote on GOG to stop using password protection on installer protection: GOG Vote
  2. Daerandin
    I have not tested any of the installers that implement this, but the posts I have seen claim that the new installers do not work in Wine. Meaning that GOG games can't be installed through Wine anymore.

    I can't see this as anything else than an implementation of DRM in their installers, something they have always claimed they would never do. This is nothing more than adding frustration to paying customers.
  3. booman
    After reading from all three sites, people against RAR password make some really good points.
    Its protecting Pirates from getting malware and restricting anyone who wants the game files for using in an alternate engine DOSBox, ScummV, etc

    I'm not sure how GOG developers came to this conclusion because others have mentioned better ways to prohibit access to raw game data.

    Not to mention Steam allows access to raw game data for every game, but the DLL's and EXE's have been modified to require Steam.

    Why should paying customers be encouraged to pirate Window$ just to install a game from GOG in order to get the raw game data?
    DRM free was the BEST benefit of using GOG because the fact you could install the game without their "installer" if you wanted to. Isn't freedom the point of DRM free?

    Malware creators will always find another way to use GOG games maliciously.
  4. booman
    This whole post from GOG staff pretty much sums it up:
    Instead of creating a single download for our games, we are taking the quicker route for our testers and use a password on all RAR files so we can avoid support tickets for people who can't install the game by opening RAR files instead of the EXE.

    Also, we want to avoid support tickets where someone got malware from a GOG game they downloaded somewhere else other than GOG. So we created a password on our RAR files that appears to be hacked already by the community.
  5. booman
    I just installed Assassin's Creed from GOG. Its version and I verified the .BIN files DO have a password.
    Not sure what this means, but the game runs fine
  6. Daerandin
    It could be that is just fails in older Wine versions. Those who reported that the new installers fail, did not specify which Wine versions were used.

    Personally I find it an inconvenience that the new installers prevent extracting the game files as easily as before.
  7. loggfreak
    well you can still unpack it, the passwords of games are general knowledge
    example to unpack:

    GAMEID=`curl -s -o- http://www.gog.com/game/$GAMENAME | pcregrep --buffer-size 1M -o1 "addToCart\('/cart/add/(\d+)'\)"`

    unrar x p`echo $GAMEID | md5sum | cut -d ' ' -f 1` $FILE
  8. booman
    Wow, 465 votes already!
  9. booman
    Welcome to the forum
    Thanks for the tip loggfreak!
  10. Aryvandaar
    If people get a malware for downloading malware files elsewhere I say let them burn. These people are likely pirates, so why protect them and make it harder for their legal customers?
  11. booman
    Totally agree! I have a feeling its not GOG's intention to protect pirates, but that is a result of their decision. I hope they will protect DRM Free instead, because this is their niche!
  12. Daerandin

    Read their full response in the link above. I will quote a few paragraphs here:

  13. booman
    Awesome! GOG really does care about the community. Only 700 people voted on the subject and that is a small number compared to ALL the GOG gamers. I'm glad they care about their community.
  14. Daerandin
    I added in another paragraph in my quote. Basically they are saying that they can't promise that their installers will never change in the future and they can't promise that they will continue working on unsupported platforms. But it is also not their goal to break compatibility with extraction tools of emulation software.

    So that means that they actually keep wine in mind, not as a goal, but they will probably listen to their customers if their installers were to stop working in wine if they update them in the future.
  15. booman
    My respect for GOG is even greater! I have always loved their business model.
    Its unique and customer friendly.
    Their business is for gamers made by gamers

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