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Google Stadia

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 21, 2019.

  • by booman, Aug 21, 2019 at 10:57 PM
  • booman

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    If you haven't heard about Stadia yet, check it out!

    Purchase a controller and Chromecast then play games without a PC, without a console or any formal hardware. Just use the bandwidth of your internet and Game On!

    Nice list of games, but not quite as many as SteamOS

    Whats your take on Stadia?

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    Baldur's Gate 3
    Borderlands 3
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Darksiders Genesis
    Destiny 2: The Collection
    Destroy All Humans!
    DOOM Eternal
    Farming Simulator 19
    Get Packed
    Ghost Recon Breakpoint
    Gods & Monsters
    Just Dance 2020
    Marvel's Avengers
    Metro Exodus
    Mortal Kombat 11
    NBA 2K20
    Orcs Must Die! 3
    Rage 2
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    The Crew 2
    The Elder Scrolls Online
    Tom Clancy's The Division 2
    Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
    Trials Rising
    Watch Dogs Legion
    Windjammers 2
    Wolfenstein: Youngblood
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Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Daniel~
    They certainly have a Library! That word you used, what was it? Oh yeah you said "
    That's probably going to slow my roll. But I'll take a look for sure.":O} Thanks Boo!
  2. Daniel~
    You have to buy your games from them Plus the controler... I fear I must wait for them to prove themselves and for money ":O}
  3. booman
    The pricetag is quite smaller than any playstation, xbox or PC but at the cost of your internet bandwidth (of course).

    If you want 4K gaming, then you probably need some kind of business-class internet... which is expensive.

    As for myself, I'll stick with my library of 500+ games
    In fact, I have thought about downloading my entire library of Steam, GOG & HumbleBundle games some day. I think it might sum up to 1 Terabyte of data, but only the Steam games won't play without the Steam client. The rest will play just fine.

    Its also unclear if you have to purchase the games as well. I have a feeling you do!
    For some people this is a nice option because they already have business-class internet and their Playstation/Xbox is getting quite old. They either upgrade to the newest $800.00 console or find another solution
  4. Daniel~
    One does have to buy the game from them. I have a PS3 and a PS4
    The games for the PS3 are now almost endless and the prices keep falling.

    I stupidly bought a PS4 slim without realizing how dummy-ed down the slims are. Don't do it! Go pro and just stay with the PS3 until you can.
  5. booman
    Its good the prices are dropping, you can still purchase used console games at retail stores and second-hand stores... can't do that with PC games any longer.

    But I fear the consoles are just re-living the age of PC gaming and one day everything will be cloud-based like Stadia.

    Of course I'll still have my ancient PCs running Linux for some classic gaming.
  6. Daniel~
    sounds aright for city boys but in rural areas the internet goes our at lest 5 or 6 times a year, us country boys play games to pass the time.
  7. booman
    Here Here!
    I try to play everything offline if possible.
    Hate being dependent on the internet, but there is so much on it...
  8. Daniel~
    Yep so much on it, maybe why it might be a good idea not to put game there as well.

    My consoles have never been hack, I don't think any ones console has ever been hacked.

    The internet...well no so much.
  9. booman
  10. Daniel~
    The new is almost always popular...then we get to know it better and can't wait for the new.":O}
    booman likes this.
  11. booman
    Unfortunately yes.... and in the computer world, New can be buggy and broken on day One
  12. Daniel~
    Oh but Boo, things have gotten so much better now.
    If they want to sell our data they can't be sloppy as they use to be.
    I don't know if your were involved yet, but it use to be that if you up dated MS os (Not really a grown up OS now is it?)

    You were sure to loose some functionality if you could boot!!! Then MS started sabotaging it'd own old os to sell the new one.

    Which began the long years of Struggle trying to just get enough to use out of Linux....

    Then one fine Day Ciffer ask if I had tried Mint.

    Which began the long years of trying to get everyone in the world to try Mint...eventually every one in my world did.

    As you well know just about everyone PAYS ms to
    darken their computing lives While Mint brightens ours for free.":O}

    good talk! LOL
  13. booman
    Yes, I still use Windows at work and support Windows at work.
    Its still fully of confusing bugs, gliches and permissions/security issues. Mostly because of all the 3rd party applications and drivers.

    The most recent unforgivable issue is the automatic reboot after an update. Windows will be slowing down the CP and internet browsing because its updating in the background, then in the middle of playing a game or working on a project.... IT REBOOTS!
    Normally this happens after a few warnings, but at some unexpected point you are forced to reboot. So annoying... but I understand in a business environment. Most people don't restart their computer and never update. So Microsoft has to do it for you.
    For security its probably the best solution... but we know most people do not care about the hassles of security.

    Mint has been a blessing for my family, my hobbies and my gaming needs. I've been able to install Mint on about 30+ computers for family, friends, co-workers and more. I'm never going back to Windows because there are so many more solutions in Linux.
  14. Daniel~
    I envy y ou your Johnny Appleseed approach to friends and family. Well Done!
    booman likes this.
  15. Kaitain
    Whenever I see lists of games like this, with fantastic titles, covers and artwork and myriad stories, universes, abilities and features, I'm always left with one question:

    ... who actually plays Farming Simulator?
    booman likes this.
  16. booman
    I don't play farming simulator, but I have to admit, there are some MMORPGs online where you "can" do some farming and its relaxing and therapeutic. If you've had a hard week at work, its nice to just sit and micromanage your crops and animals.
    Click here to harvest corn...
    Click there to plant seeds...
    Click Here to feed animals...
    Click there to water crops...

    Its the driving simulators I don't get...???
    Like Truck simulator??? You just drive, watch the scenery, stop for gas, drive again. I need a bit more in a relaxing game.

    Actually Albion Online is one of the coolest sandbox MMORPG because you can choose what to do.
    • Kill minions PvE
    • Rush Dungeons PvE
    • Team up in a Guild
    • Gather Resources
    • Craft Armor, Weapons & more
    • Sell Armor, Weapons & more
    • Build your own Island
    • Farm your Island with crops and animals
    • Sell what you harvest on your island
    • Level up NCPs on your Island
    • Build a Guild Island
    • Level up NPCs on Guild Island
    • Fight other players PvP
    • Guild battles PvP
    You can even be a gatherer and crafter for your guild.
    The marketplace is amazing! I will spend hours collecting Granite, uncommon ores/woods and rare ores/woods. Then I will craft the uncommon and rare resources into weapons or armor and sell them for a high price. I've made 100's of thousands in silver doing this. People are lazy and rather buy it than gather and craft it themselves.

    TLDR: Albion is a sandbox game that lets you decide how you want to play. Fight, gather, craft and PvE/PvP
  17. Daniel~
    I think they are done in preparation for a time when we no longer have a planet. Out on the asteroid belt things can get kinda slow...slower even than a farm simulator in space trying to raise virtual crops

    Anyone want another helping of the green goo? It's going to be pink slime all next week....How long did we decide a week was going to be?

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