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Hicks give us hope!

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, Oct 2, 2020.

  1. Daniel~

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    Dr Fausci has pronounced the Wit-less house a Covid hot spot and a super spreader!

    Tummy is just so very angry he could just rape someone..again.

    No one will indict the guy whose beating him in the polls by 12 points!, not even Bar

    He can't even get anyone to indict Hilary and Obama all of whom have crimed against him!!

    Ever worse the FBI director keeps saying that mail in ballets are safe and UN-tappered with,
    Is he crazy! Doesn't he listen?

    Trumwqrt has said many times that many people, good people, fine people have told him in a very powerful way that mail ins are mostly democrats and you can't trust Democrats to vote for him, although many dems really realty like him.

    But not to worry! Fearless leader has vowed not to let Biden Hillery or Obama off! Once fearless leader is reelected by a land slide his going to jail them if he has to do it himself!

    Now that he has "The proud boys" on stand by he no longer needs racial sensitivity training. and so canceled it government wide. The proud little boys are sensitive enough for swinishfucker.
    *( That's German for swine ******.)

    the Goat wants us all to know and take a minute to appreciate the pastoral peace that has come about solely due to his guidance.

    For instance Presidential assassinations are way down in this country. This is something hishandfulofshit wants us to look into.

    (I'm looking I'm looking!!)

    Once the human garbage pale is re-elected we can look forward to seeing Mr. and Mrs Obama dragged from their home and incarcerated
    awaiting a republican trial.
    (That's when no evidence or witnesses are allowed.)

    That should keep us distracted for at lest 4 years.

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