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How to play Dead Frontier using Mypal browser in PlayOnLinux

Discussion in 'PlayOnLinux' started by KKRayne, Feb 6, 2021.

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    Feb 6, 2021
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    This is my guide to get Dead Frontier to run in Linux. There might be other ways of doing it, but this is how I got it to run, through a lot of trial and error.

    I just wanted to post it somewhere so that linux users could find a guide, hopefully this post can get moved to the appropriate place for it or, if someone is able to replicate my results and confirm that this indeed does work, and then post this guide in a cleaner form somewhere so that linux users can find it when googling, as I don't know where to post this for free so that it can pop up during a search for it.

    If someone know a better way of getting it to run, please let me know.

    First of all, this method could possibly be achieved using other browsers than what I got to work, but this is what worked for me.

    This guide is for Linux Mint, but it should work on any distro using PlayOnLinux. This method will also work in virtualbox if you install Windows XP in it.

    I just found this game to take a long time to load in virtualbox, so, I will explain how you get Mypal browser installed in PlayOnLinux, so you can run Dead Frontier in that browser.

    The Mypal browser should load and run the game fine, you may experience some lag during outpost attacks, and your character may get stuck moving in one direction, so don't press your movement/ arrow keys for too long during an attack on the outpost. I am not sure if this is due to the game itself, and their servers, because I have noticed other players having the same issue. Run the browser in fullscreen before loading the inner city or it won't be able to go into fullscreen properly.

    I am not going into detail on how you use PlayOnLinux, as a linux user, you'll figure this out. You don't need to install Wine, as PlayOnLinux already contains Wine in it.

    You need to download Mypal browser, which is an up-to-date browser for Windows XP.


    This file should be clean, but scan it in virustotal.com just to confirm that it is.

    It says mypal win32.installer.exe, but it will only work on a 64bit platform.

    First you create a new virtual drive in PlayOnLinux, then you select 64bit Windows XP, and you install these libraries:


    (You only need this one, not the flashplayer_activex. If you forgot to install Flash Player during the virtual drive setup, then go to configure and install components tab, and you should be able to select and install Flash Player into the virtual drive in this way too.)

    Next you install Mypal browser

    However there is more to it, not done yet, you need VLC Media Player and Unity Web Player.

    I used vlc-3.0.11-win64.exe, but you can use another version as long as it is for Windows XP.


    This file should be clean, but scan it in virustotal.com just to confirm that it is.

    (VLC may not be needed, I think it's only to be able to view the YouTube videos on the Dead Frontier page.)

    Then I found this one online:


    This file should be clean, but scan it in virustotal.com just to confirm that it is.

    After this you need to click on install again in PlayOnLinux and select edit or update an existing application, select the same virtual drive you installed Mypal on. Then install VLC and Unity Web Player.

    After this you run the Mypal browser, navigate to the Dead Frontier page, and should be able to login and play the game in the browser. Remember to set the browser to fullscreen before loading the inner city, as it gets messed up if you run it in default window size.

    First I got this to work in virtualbox running Windows XP. When I managed to get Mypal browser to work, I tried the same in PlayOnLinux, and it just worked, for me anyway. Hopefully it will work for others, or at least point you in the right direction on how to get this to run on Linux.

    I'll date this: 01.06.21

    As I don't know how long Mypal will support Unity Web Player, this method might very well not work in the future.

    This is a tricky browser game to get to run, as the game has not been upgraded to run in HTML5.

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