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I just realized that I miss defraging my hard drive!

Discussion in 'News' started by Daniel~, Jun 22, 2013.

  • by Daniel~, Jun 22, 2013 at 5:15 PM
  • Daniel~

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    I just realized that I miss defraging my hard drive!

    Particularly de-fraging with "Norton Utilities"!

    Do windows users still need to defrag their hard drives? Do they still pay (As I did) Norton to defrag for them?

    It just became clear to me that this is the only thing I miss about windows.

    The one reason I have to envy windows users.

    How hard would it be to create a Linux application the "pretends" to defrag my hard drive?

    I would like it to defrag at three different speeds and have a variable setting showing various states of fragmentation.

    The first state would show a drive with little need of defraging... at the start,... but when I say to myself "what the hell lets make this drive perfect and get those last half dozen or so bits where they belong"...it would take three days to re-order everything and would be incredibly indecisive and slow doing it... This would no doubt be my favorite setting.

    Then we could have one setting that shows a hard drive from the time before order arrive in the universe. One with enormous potential for de-fragmentation. The kind of mess that makes you think you should just give up and do a complete reinstall of your Operating system.

    But once I choose which files I wanted Alpha and which programs should be listed as omega on my third world slum of a hard drive and I hit the defrag BUTTON (the button should be very large and surrounded by disclaimers declaring this operation just barely safe to preform...)

    It would jump to it and move huge seemingly unrelated chunks of data
    snapping them into place in rows of colored bites and bits

    (colors I've predetermined to represent various unimportant things)

    that tell me that I have firm control of the new hard drive arrangement whizzing into place as I look on in inspired awe assured of getting the fastest drive I have ever known !

    It should complete it's operations in no time at all! Leaving just a half dozen or so bits out of place. These lost bits should significantly mess up the color scheme and demand my immediate attention!

    Finally there should be one setting that in the middle of the defrag starts issuing random warnings and bits of advice... Like :

    "your hard drive may not be usable when this operation completes six hours from now...we will just have to wait and see."


    "It would probably be best to increase your ram before trying to restart this operation. Norton will now shut down this operation...Would you like to test your RAM or enlarge your swap file?"

    This last one would be centered around reminding me of a time in my life when swap files meant a great deal to me... a time I fear I shall never know again....

    I wish Linux could see it's way clear to providing me with a decent reminder of that time... A fragmentation program that would be a topic of endless debate as to swap-file size. it's proper placement and weather a second drive helps or hinders it's operations...

    I guess it's only now...in my declining years that I can admit to myself that not everything windows did was bad...
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Discussion in 'News' started by Daniel~, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. booman
    Not me! It must be that old FAT 16 nostalgia you are yearning for...
    I hated trying to remember to defragg.
    Your Norton defragger must have been pretty cool.

    someone should make a game that defraggs your computer... like a shooter where you shoot the fragmentations and it actually does the defragging in game
  2. Daniel~
    It maybe that defraging was just for the lonely...":O}
  3. booman
    could be, but if it were an interactive game, it wouldn't be so lonely
  4. Daniel~
    I'd play it! ":O}

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