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iPhone source code leaked on Github

Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Feb 9, 2018.


Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. booman
    No way! I'm reading this...
  2. cloasters
    Oh Apple, you ARE the very best. What xxxbites, please pardon my French.
  3. Daniel~
    Gee, doesn't that take all the fun out of hacking apple phones?

    "Please hold for 5 min. while we write our new source code.
    While you wait please think of this new feature as a party line,
    A place where you can go and share all those secrets that have been such a burden to you.
    And remember there's no telling who your telling those secrets to how liberating!!

    Was I too unkind? ":O}
  4. cloasters
    Is it genuinely possible to be too unkind to Apple, Google, Facebook or Microshaft? Why they are the Masters of the Universe as they know it.
  5. Kaitain
    Buried within the midst of it is a library dedicated measuring how correctly you hold your phone, and setting signal strength accordingly...
  6. Daniel~
    I wonder how the Chinese are going to tell all the little apple slaves that Daddy got drunk and and spill code all over himself.
    all those 18 hour days gone to ruin.

    I watch "Chris Haze" On MSNBC news. I like him a lot. He has a fine analytical mind and a dedication to accurate reporting. He is a kind and gentle man.

    Around three years ago he was hosting other commentators in a discussion of Apple working conditions and Child labor that most would consider a step down from slavery.
    The group without exception hammered Apple for using children in a completely brutal manner.

    Then Chris did something completely spontaneous without really thinking it though. I mean he' a honest guy or tries to be.

    He said,
    "But we all use them" (Apple phones)
    And so saying placed his I Phone on the table.

    The other 5 or 6 commentators followed suit.

    The was a complete silence. They all sat for at least a full minute of TV Time saying nothing...looking at one other, looking for a way out.

    I could see that they were all in pain. They completely knew that they had been compromised.

    This was the moment when each of them realized that they were helping to enslave children. It was a strange encounter.

    As they sat without speaking one could see how much they wanted to scream **** Apple!!

    They were in my estimation all GOOD people. My allies in the fight for truth to prevail.
    But as they stared at their phones one could also see that their entire careers, their entire lives depended upon having a slave child building their phones for them.

    I almost cried to see them silenced.

    As one phone after another was slid off the table. They all knew. They knew that the only solution, the only hope, their only way out and the only way out for all of us was to make rubble of those God Damned phones.

    As they looked at one another it was with far less assurance that "we are the good guys."

    So where do we make our stand? When does refusing to accept personal responsibility become an active evil in our lives?

    My apologies to Chris and his guests.

    I know that if you picked up your phone to hear these little ones crying out their despair to you, you would find the courage to buy another different fucking phone, one that doesn't darken your heart to use.
    To compromise with evil is to do evil.

    We live in an extremely dangerous world. The opportunity for error is always with us.
    Do I expect Chris Haze to give up his I phone? I am completely confident that one day he will free those he has enslaved and in doing so will liberate himself of the evil that has come upon him uninvited and unexpected.

    We live in a world where evil is always dressing up as the Good.
    A world in which even the best of men are approached by temptation.

    But if we permit ourselves to have anything thing to do with such influences we are inevitably dragged into unworthy compromise and must stand where we never wanted to be with those we never want to meet.

    "Beware for the devil is a roaring lion who comes in the night seeking to devour whom so ever he may."

    "May the fleas of a thousand camels infest Apple's crouch."


    Oh America, how could you!?

    After slavery and all the wars to end it, still being fought around this world. America how could you bring such harm to the only innocents in this world?

    Why is it that you no longer fear God? No longer fear just retribution?
    We go about talking shit about Jesus. Then appose his spirit's coming with every evil thing we do.

    As the Dalai Lama said:

    "It's every man for himself now."

    Our institutions are failing because we have failed as a people. We have failed to love one another.We have become and are a people who would enslave a child to get a cheaper very expensive phone.

    Let's see
    Bernie or Trump...Remember with a Trump you get a Putin so there's that..

    Sorry if I've brought anyone down. But "down" is the perfect place to to rise up from. So rise up! ":O}

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