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It's nothing personal

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, Jan 8, 2020.

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    To the people who lived through the Paradise fire and our unfortunate Australian brothers and sisters it must seem as through God has washed his hands of them and by extension us.

    There really can't be a hotter hell than to stand helplessly watching the flames licking their way to your children or parents.

    Yet we persist. 2019 released more carbon into the air than any previous year. There's an old Chinese saying that goes"

    He who cannot be made to listen must be made to feel.

    This holds true from the innocent child to the psychotic killer.
    quite simply order demands this.

    This precept can be seen working itself out all though nature.
    A to quarrelsome or uncooperative wolf will get eaten, by his brother wolfs.

    Because if anyone is out of line everyone goes hungry.

    But to see dear ones burnt alive drives reason from our minds and the outraged and wounded heart shakes it's fists at heaven and seeks to tare the stars from out sky,.. let nothing shine evermore.

    Why would a God of love burn my saintly mother?

    He didn't. He created the laws of nature. It has always been up to each of us as people to abide by and IN those laws or no.

    One may think they have an alternative reality to live in and so do as pleases them.Yet no matter how completely one believes in their precious alternative, they still must pay the consequences of abandoning reality for fantasy.

    I said by and in those laws. I say it because we are not only restricted by the laws. We are wholly supported by them as well.

    Mostly we use to live where conditions existed that could support us. That can meet our needs for resources.

    We don't do that to much anymore.

    Instead we strip the resources from one region of the Earth and ship it to where ever strikes our collective fancy.

    We don't concern our self's as to the consequences of doing this because we by and large don't see them. Because who cares.

    For decades Nature has been screaming at the top of her lungs
    That this can't go on and our only response has been to cover our ears with the white nose of men getting rich.

    Those who can not be made to listen...

    How else can she speak to us? When every thing we do is massively destructive to the existing order ordained by heaven?

    When everything is dying around us and we will not to see it.?

    Nature doesn't make choices. Nature follows the law. If we pour trash into the atmosphere, the law says the temperature must go up even if we burn the world we live in.

    As always the human race has been given a choice. We can return to lawful ways or watch our children burn.

    So I guess the only real question in the world today is How many will we bury before we return to lawful ways, ways that have cared for us from the beginning of our time here.

    As Australia and paradise have learned, once the flames have reach us we no longer have a choice "the times have found us" and we must face the consequences of yesterdays crimes.

    More than this, we must set about making a just restitution we haven't been making mere mistakes.
    we have been blatenly and blandly criminal.

    It chaps my ass that people are still talking about what we may choose to do to rectify things.

    In the time of consequences there are very few choices and criminals do not choose their punishment, punishment is inflicted upon them.

    And let's be honest. If we were not watching the world burn would we have ever changed? Would we have ever cared at all that we were destroying ever living thing around us?

    We once cherished nature because we lived and died by her impartial laws. Now we only use her without concern.

    This my brothers is what god's law is trying to change in us.

    But make no mistake Nature has had her fill of us and will not relent until we are a changed people or a dead people.

    Each of us must decide whose side are we on. Each of us must pay for what we have done. But where true repentance is shown and restitution is made the sentence is shorted to what is needed to bring about change
    And we will change.
    because children.
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