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My personal thoughts On Covid and the comming year(S)

Discussion in 'General Linux Discussion' started by Daniel~, Jun 21, 2021.

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    In my view the only thing that prevents our being seen as a complacently silly and somewhat obnoxious people is the death that follows upon our surrender to stupidity.

    My view is not the only view and I offer no certainty that it is the correct view.

    But to me it seems almost inescapable.
    Come October next The world will be once more on lock down and the death rates of the past may seem almost inconsequential.

    Why when Cruse ships are leaving ports Packed with the happy go lucky Do I think such a dark future awaits us?

    Because among the happiest of the happy go lucky were 8 persons less than happy and far from lucky.
    Covid was among them. Not after a world or Caribbean cruse but at it's inception. The starting point. Naturally they cancelled the curse not wanting to infect the world again.

    Actually not. They quarantined the 8 and marched bravely on.

    It's been a whole great big year so we have forgotten all those doctors and nurses all those bodies hitting the floor.
    Weren't they trying to pull off a quarantine?

    Yes, but they weren't happy go lucky so let's ignore that.

    This entire planet is now a petree dish for Covid. A nice place where covid can meet and greet other covids from around the world!

    Long haulers, many of who showed no initial symptoms are racking up an impressive array of long term injury and illness.

    None of which are seeing mitigation over time.

    Covid may be for life once acquired
    We simply do not know. But it looks quite bad for all of us.

    But Covid greatest ally is without weakness.
    And seems to spread even faster that covid.
    Human stupidity.

    Cruse ships , Olympics, Ball games are all so important that we will risk death itself to be apart of the festivities.

    We can count the dead when the party is over.

    Last Monday Delta was 3 % of covid.in the USA Wednesday 7 percent, yesterday 10%

    Have you met Delta?

    Where it use to take 15 mins of exposure to infect Delta needs but 5.

    Delta likes our kids. Make no mistake Delta is the latest not the last.

    So as Covid gets smarter and deadlier We grow dumber and more susceptible.
    Hello anti-vacers!
    There's a cruse ship docking in a port near you!
    I'm fairly confident that there will be at lest 8 cabins available!

    But the hospitals are mostly empty! Yeah, in some places,We are 70 vaccinated. In others, most others, Covid is on summer va ca.

    Just like the flu covid doesn't do as well in hot humid weather.

    What we are actually doing is breading the covid we will face in Sept/Oct.

    No worries I'm not a doctor! I'm just an observer Who happens to be scared shitless
    by his own observations.

    But as I live in isolation, am vaccinated, masked
    and of generally optimistic disposition my fears are largely intellectual and concerned with the well being of others.

    We simply are not the humanity we need to be to overcome Covid.

    But I have faith in nature. Covid will make us who we need to be even if we are far fewer when we arrive.

    No one can predict the next iteration, no one can say when /if this will be over. But We can be fairly certain it will be some time after the anti-vacers are put to rest.

    Some time after is the best timeline I can even guess at.

    Look after yourselves there are many many good people struggling to keep us safe, what do you say we give them a hand and stay home a bit longer to keep our kids safe from the evil to come.

    I don't want to depress anyone I just want to terrify the incautious and careless, That they may be once more happy go lucky.

    This world was made for the happy go lucky, just not in the time of covid, not while the bodies are hitting the floor and our children wither under covid's oppression.
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