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New nvidia driver 343.13 removes support for older GPUS

Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Aug 7, 2014.


Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. mrdeathjr28
    This situation nvidia announced some time ago but nvidia have good legacy support, obiously without new things

    Respect this nvidia drivers appears some changes in my test

    For example farcry 2 runs more stable on both modes (single and multiplayer), Farcry 3 runs better and multiplayer mode works in this version, Mafia II its better too and others

    FarCry 2

    Wine 1.7.23 + Nvidia 343.13

    Single Player


    FarCry 3


    Wine 1.7.23 + 340.24

    Wine 1.7.23 + 343.13

  2. mrdeathjr28
    FarCry 3


    Wine 1.7.23 + 343.13

    Mafia II

    Wine 1.7.19 + 340.17

    Wine 1.7.23 + 343.13

    Saint Row The Third

    Wine 1.7.23 + 343.13

  3. mrdeathjr28
    Split Second Velocity

    Wine 1.7.8 + 331.20

    Wine 1.7.23 + 343.13

    Test Drive Unlimited 2

    Wine 1.7.23 + 340.24

    Wine 1.7.23 + 343.13

  4. allenskd
    All I hope is that they don't remove support for GT 440 anytime soon :( I still can't spare money to buy a new video card
  5. booman
    Wow, that really sucks! :( Now my 8800's and 9800's will no longer be updated.
    I have 6 gaming computers and definitely can't afford new cards.
    Hopefully this won't destroy my Linux hopes for the future...

    What happens when I use the newest Mint and have an old video card?
    Will "Driver Manager" find the best legacy driver, or am I stuck with open-source?
  6. allenskd
    Doesn't mint give you like 3-4 options on which NVIDIA driver you want to choose? It did to me!
  7. booman
    Yes, but I've never tried on a Legacy video card.
  8. mrdeathjr28
    Your case are different because your card support OpenGL 4 (cards affected are OpenGL 3)

    This support maybe stay more time because has many cards based in OpenGL 4 (Lastest Kepler and Maxwell for example)

  9. allenskd
    Hmm, I think you are gonna be forever stuck with 340.24. However, if the open source alternatives gets better then you won't have to worry about proprietary blobs. At least for that video card model! I do hope NVIDIA helps open source drivers to maintain the old cards... that would be nice.
  10. booman
    Only one way to find out huh?
    Maybe I'll do a live USB and see what Mint offers on these old card...
    Guess I can stay off 331 forever
  11. ThunderRd
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  12. booman
    Thats kinda what I figured. I've had a 7900 for a long time and Nvidia no longer updates it. The only problem I have seen is the GOG Far Cry would crash and Magicka would crash.
  13. mrdeathjr28
    In mi case with GT630 (GK208) and FarCry still crash (segmentation fault) but with 343.13 drivers FarCry 2 back to work and gain stability (before game crash after 5 min of gameplay)

    However Magicka in my case works without problem

  14. booman
    The GOG Far Cry right?
    I noticed on any Win7 computer there are some asset gliches with a boulder model. I did some research and found that anyone with a newer video drivers will have this gliche.
  15. mrdeathjr28
    Both GOG and steam versions tested but mainly use steam version

  16. mrdeathjr28
    Hi in this moments stay compiling wine 1.7.24 and see log changes maybe this be usefull in your case

    26887 Magicka crashes a few seconds after title screen

  17. booman
    Oh, I meant in Windows. I was able to get Magicka running in Wine, but its been a long time since I've tested it.

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