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On having An Intelagable Universe

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, Nov 30, 2018.

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    As I often include a deity in my "One straight shot" explanations or elucidations upon our lives and our world, I feel it must fall upon me to make clear What it is I'm including.

    And why I think that inclusion is essential.

    As my title indicates we live in a "Knowable" world.Lets not pass over this lightly.

    Think on how remarkable that is! It's knowable because it is ordered.

    OK Let's take the deep plunge!
    Each living thing, no matter how small or unnoticed by this world
    is apart of that order.

    Everything follows the same rules of life. None violate those rules, except that they parish.
    and so must be considered here as being without consequence.

    But those hidden secretive tiny creatures Living completely alone and unknown...Who makes sure they are following the rules?!!

    Now this gets fun!

    No one because supervision would be absurd. ALL the laws of Life without exception are expressed from within every creature. The laws of Life are the laws of your life.
    The laws of your dear cats life.

    The rules we must follow if we hope to continue living.

    Now consider that microscopic dot so condensed and under such unbelievable pressure
    That it explodes into the creation of time and space
    the vase expanse 13 1/2 Billion years still spreading outward and creating unbelievable space from a dot. Space to benefit all beings.

    Inside that dot nothing could take form, nothing expressed. In fact had it not exploded I wouldn't have room to think.LOL

    But what is an explosion? It is Chaos. But this chaos already had the rules of order implicit within itself. How may we know this?

    Back to the tiny Hermits of the world. They are 13 1/2 billion years away from the big bang.
    Yet governed by the same laws that govern the moon and the furthest furthest star.. If a thing is, it must be in accordance with the laws that were generated with the Universe.

    "The energy carries the law.
    The law regulates the Energy."

    Simply put, Yin and Yang. If we can see that there are in fact LAWS that are not visible to our eyes, That have no Physical presence yet are EXPRESSED by every physical thing and the space that allows things to be,,

    but when something happens or fails to happen as we thought..We start looking at our understanding of those laws.

    Mankind believes in invisible laws. We seek out proof that we believe rightly. We test nature to make sure no one's cheating. If we find some one or some thing cheating and getting away with it, rather than meeting some terrible fate...We reexamine our Invisible laws and modify our understanding to fit that particular expression of the law.

    A point I'd like to make clear Is that not one of these laws is a thing of light or of matter.
    They can neither be measured nor weighed, but are rather that by which everything is measured and weighted.

    And yet we can neither touch nor see them apart from the work they do. The work of the Universe.

    I have tried to show that all LAW is a spiritual thing. It took, in the beginning great leaps of faith
    by courageous and brilliant minds to discover them, bit by bit.

    We are still studying at the feet of the law. Which is in fact a spiritual journey, for we study the intangible yet utterly knowable because for all this universe there is but one "LAW"

    We don't understand every thing we see in our skies. But what we do understand is this, everyone is playing "make the planet" by the same rules.The same invisible rules that tell the our tiny friend to stay hidden put spark to star and send it's light across the universe for our per-prepared and waiting eyes to see., because we all share one LAW" We harmonize. to harmonize is to see the light and hear the truth.

    Never mind who made the world, I want to know who imposed the same order across an entire universe? Who brought all that exploding matter to Heal?

    The energy carries the law
    The law regulates the Energy

    So Spirit (LAW and the ability to perceive law) and matter arise together...Yin and Yang.

    Science is a spiritual undertaking. Science makes leaps of faith all the time.
    They don't do so blindly. Their faith is in the Law. They take what they know of the law, make an educated guess and sometimes spend years only to find out their guess was wrong.

    Here's where it gets really spiritual!
    When they are wrong they blame their own lack of understanding not the LAW.

    Just as the invisible LAW had to be taken on faith, that's is we had to believe there was a dependable underlining order as LAW to go looking for specifics abut that which was being expressed to us in our physical world. We began to measure and take note of the seasons that cycle though the year.

    .Religion and spirituality are not at all the same creature. Religion seeks to settle matters. ID God and Tell everyone what he said to you, ...About how OTHERS should live.
    I'll not comment on how right or wrong I may think they got it.

    Spirituality is a journey into the "cloud of unknowing."
    The spiritual person sets aside the LAW by fulfilling it. By bringing one self into harmony with the "Moral Universe"

    "The truth is written upon your hearts"

    Once one has rid themselves of those things in their life that "Are bound to fail"
    as they do not conform with the established order of our universe,We progress into the unknowing of our world.

    Murder Rape theft lying one can see they are bound to fail at any good end.

    Then one may safely put aside the law as it never occurs to one to break it.

    Why would one ever wish to put aside the Law?
    The Law is the known, the well established!

    Here's where science wants to throw up in the back of it's mouth when I speak! LOL

    One puts aside the law to get a better look at the Law Maker.

    One puts aside the known and journeys toward the unknowable.
    Why go if it can't be known?

    I love this part...
    Because one hears a calling and must answer it the remain true to "What is written upon your heart."

    This world of men does not support the spiritual undertaking. Does not recognize the journey.
    Religion clings to dogma of the past and science clings to the material world of effects.

    Make no mistake I see the need for both! They just don't see me at all. ":O}

    The term "The cloud of unknowing" is from a very small bit of writing by a Monk in the middle ages.

    It was his meditative practice. To put aside this world of men with it's tumult and confusion.
    The constant conflict and disfigurements and enter into a neutral space.

    We enter the Cloud of unknowing to leave our conceptions behind, to leave thinking behind.

    To truly enter the now we must pass though this cloud.

    Once the cloud has been entered and we have latched onto the "Now" however weak our grip, however many times we slip we have begun our journey.

    Now we wait. We wait for what we do not know will come. Once we realize this, that he may never come. We begin to understand what it is to wait.

    "Waiting means putting the breaks on strength."

    If we had no strength it would be oppression, exhaustion But we do have strength, we could try to storm the gates of heaven with 50,00 repetitions of a prayer some one ONCE said sincerely.

    It s vain to think that if you badger God you get what you want.

    Waiting is. If you have a purpose, your planing not waiting.

    Paradox time! LOL

    The first step of the journey is to wait.
    The last step of the journey is to wait.

    In the end...it was always going to be about who your waiting with.":O}

    "Say Good night Gracy"
    "Good night."

    (George Burns and Gracy Allan.

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