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Runes Of Magic Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by booman, May 13, 2016.

  • by booman, May 13, 2016 at 1:33 PM
  • booman

    booman Grand High Exalted Mystic Emperor of Linux Gaming Staff Member

    Dec 17, 2012
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    Runes of Magic is an online MMORPG much like World of Warcraft. Play as a human, elf or dwarf, complete quests, loot, learn trades, craft and explore. Oh and... did I say it was free-to-play? Cause it is...


    Follow my step-by-step guide on installing, configuring and optimizing Runes of Magic in Linux with PlayOnLinux.

    Note: This guide applies to the Game Forge version of Runes Of Magic. Other versions may require additional steps.

    Tips & Specs:

    To learn more about PlayOnLinux and Wine configuration, see the online manual: PlayOnLinux Explained

    Mint 17.3 64-bit
    PlayOnLinux: 4.2.10
    Wine: 1.8.2

    Wine Installation

    Click Tools
    Select "Manage Wine Versions"

    Look for the Wine Version: 1.8.2
    Select it
    Click the arrow pointing to the right

    Click Next

    Downloading Wine


    Downloading Gecko


    Wine 1.8.2 is installed and you can close this window

    Download GameForge

    Go To: runesofmagic.com
    Click "Sign in & Download"

    Click "Runes of Magic"

    Navigate to your Desktop
    Save RunesOfMagic_GameforgeLiveSetup_EN.exe

    PlayOnLinux Setup

    Launch PlayOnLinux
    Click Install

    Click "Install a non-listed program"

    Click Next

    Select "Install a program in a new virtual drive"
    Click Next

    Name the virtual drive: runesofmagic
    Click Next

    Check all three options:
    • Use another version of Wine
    • Configure Wine
    • Install some libraries
    Click Next

    Select Wine 1.8.2
    Click Next

    Select "32 bits windows installation"
    Click Next

    Wine Configuration

    Application Tab
    Windows version: Windows 7
    Click Apply

    Graphics Tab
    Check "Automatically capture the mouse in full-screen windows"
    Check "Emulate a virtual desktop"
    Desktop size: 1024x768
    Click OK

    PlayOnLinux Packages (Components, DLL's, Libraries)

    Check the following:
    • POL_Install_corefonts
    • POL_Install_d3dx9
    • POL_Install_tahoma
    • POL_Install_vcrun2005
    • POL_Install_vcrun2008
    • POL_Install_vcrun2010
    • POL_Install_vcrun6
    Click Next


    Note: All packages will automatically download and install

    Installing Gameforge

    Click Browse

    Select RunesOfMagic_GameforgeLiveSetup_EN.exe"
    Click Open

    Click Next

    Click Next

    Click Next

    Gameforge will launch
    Click Install

    Note: Runes of Magic is about 15GB so it could take a few hours

    Gameforge will not allow you to close it when Runes of Magic is done downloading.
    Kill it with Activity Monitor or PlayOnLinux Kill Processes

    PlayOnLinux Shortcut

    Select "Runes of Magic.exe"
    Click Next

    Click Next

    Select "I don't want ot make another shortcut"
    Click Next

    PlayOnLinux Configure

    Select Runes of Magic
    Click Configure

    General Tab
    Wine version: 1.8.2

    Note: Click the + to download other versions of Wine, click the down-arrow to select other versions of Wine

    Display Tab
    Video memory size: Enter the amount of memory your video card/chip uses

    Close Configure

    Launching/Updating Runes of Magic

    Select Runes of Magic
    Click Run

    Note: Click debug to see errors and bugs

    Runes of Magic Launcher

    Wait while Runes of Magic updates

    Click Configuration

    • Video
    • Character Detail
    • Water Effects
    • Shadows
    • World Detail
    • Miscellaneous
    • Bloom
    Click Apply
    Note: Resolution may not display full-screen sizes because the virtual drive is 1024x768. Either disable the virtual drive or set it to match your Linux Desktop. You can also adjust graphics in-game as well.

    Rule of Thumb
    High setting = More detail, lower frame rates
    Low setting = Less detail, higher frame rates

    Click Play

    Runes of Magic played perfectly on my GeForce 550 Ti. I was able to join a server, complete quests, level up, attack enemies and craft. I noticed each time I launched Runes of Magic there was another update.
    The only problem I experienced is once I got a crash error, sending the report can cause the game to never Launch again. I researched this and it happens in Windows as well. The only way to fix it is to delete the game folder and download the entire game again in Gameforge.

    Gameplay Video:





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Discussion in 'Guides' started by booman, May 13, 2016.

  1. Lorena
    Great Guide Booman!!!! Awesome job.- Was waiting for it to be published the whole week.
    So... I get a crash and im done? have to download the 15Gb all over again???? OMG
    Just one question about set up - Where is activity monitor or playonlinux kill processes? Sorry im a noob.
  2. Lorena
    BTW while installing the Gameforge I got this error:
    I Property Store::Set Value (PKEY_AppUserModel_ExcludeFromShowInNewInstall) failed; 0x80004001
    I clicked ok and the client kept installing normally. Now is downloading the game.-
  3. booman
    Hmm, not sure ifI got that error because I didn't have debug open.

    Yes, unfortunately even in Windows, if you get a crash, make sure to not send it. If the game refuses to launch like mine, then downloading the whole game is the only way I know how to fix it. There might be a better way, but Gameforge wouldn't even update the game. Maybe there is a file that can be deleted to make Gameforge download the missing data, or maybe a "verify files" button?
  4. Lorena
    and where is activity monitor? or playonlinux kill processes? to close after the game download is complete.-
  5. booman
    PlayOnLinux/Configure/select game/Wine Tab/Kill Processes
  6. Lorena
    well my download is stucked at 35% since 5 pm my time. And its 7 pm right now.
    Going to leave it like this for the rest of the night since I must go out but i think my downloaded data will be lost and will have to do all over again.-
    I was reading about this problem in Runes of Magic Website (happens on windows and linux and mac). They even have another links on their forums for another option to download the game.
    Anyway i hope when im back its going to be done and 100% downloaded but i doubt it.
  7. Lorena
  8. Lorena
    Ok this is what happened so far with my adventure on installing Runes of Magic:
    I downloaded the 13 files from the link in my previous post and did everything exactly the same as this guide says except that I picked "ROMSetup.exe" (447 KB) and not "RunesOfMagic_GameforgeLiveSetup_EN.exe"
    The game installed fine and started to update BUT... When "Runes of Magic" was updating and was at 79% I got an error and had to close it. I got a "Backtrace.txt" file from that error. Im posting the txt file so maybe somebody can tell me what i can do next to get the game updated completly.
  9. booman
    The txt file wasn't helpful because it included everything after the crash/error.

    So it errors in Gameforge when it gets to 79% downloaded?
    Or is it when you launch RunesOfMagic.exe and it updates?
  10. Lorena
    It errors when I launch RunesofMagic.exe and its updating.- :(
    Im so so close and cant make this thing to work!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR :mad:
  11. booman
    Ok, at least its not having a problem installing. Since you downloaded all of the files separately, there is a chance one of them is corrupted. I doubt it though...
    Try changing your region to a different location. I read that this helps the updating part depending in problems.
  12. Lorena
    I did change region as u suggested and VOILA!!!!!!
    The game was able to update finally.-
    I was able to login and create my character (a mage ofc).
    And now Im bragging around at home that I was able to make it work :p
    You Rock Man!!!
  13. booman
    Wow, it was worth a try...
    Have fun!
    Remember, if it crashes, do not send the error report.
  14. Lorena
    Runes of Magic successfully reinstalled on Ubuntu 14.04 LTs with my new hardware and its flying like a jet!!!!!!
    Booman you are GOD!!!!
  15. booman
    Nope, just a man, but I'm glad its working for you!
  16. Deadhavoc
    im having an issue with installing the runes of magic from gameforge it keeps stopping at 30% and says "an error as occurred while trying to read the source file the source file is corrupted click abort or retry or ignore to skip this file ( not recommended). ive tried uninstalling it and reintalling it and i followed every step in this guide and it still gives me that error message. how do i fix this problem im running linux mint (rosa) can you please help me thank you
  17. Lorena
    Mmmmm... If you are having problems with the Gameforge version maybe you can try using the method I used to reinstall it in my new system. I used this link from the official ROM forums
    You have to download the .exe file plus the 12 .bin files (place all of them in same folder). Do everything like the guide says but use these files and not the gameforge version. Hope this helps.
  18. booman
    I didn't realize Gameforge had a Runes of Magic release. I recommend using the downloads in the guide as well.
    Let us know if it works for you

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