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Discussion in 'The Path I Walk' started by Daniel~, Feb 25, 2018.

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    MY serenity like all good things comes and goes.

    Up and down, up and down with these tides that wash these shores

    Only in recent years have I permitted myself to understand my own role in creating my serenity.

    Usually when I have once again neglected my obligation to remain in the NOW.

    To be in the Now is to allow the peace of the moment to wash over us.

    The Buddhists In Tibet have the the two edge sword of "Manjucery" (SP)

    It symbolizes the benefiting oneself by benefiting others.

    Going deeper it means the cutting away of all thoughts that lead one away from the Now. I personally approach Now with these sanctified words upon my lips:

    "cutting cutting cutting"
    to every distracting thought

    "cutting cutting cutting"
    to every doubt.

    This is what makes the now accessible after a lifetime of neglect.

    We can make our stopping stop.

    We can master anything that is in our heads by yielding to what is in our hearts.

    It is with our hearts,not our minds that we go to meet the Now.

    The Now remains, always Now. The now infinitely awaits our return to basic sanity.

    Think upon this:

    The divine walks this earth. But we seldom sense the presence of the Great Maker.
    Why is this so?

    Because we are only occasionally present in the Now and the now walks beside Him who brought the Now out of the Eternal.

    That we might be born into time that we may grow beyond time into the Now as it continuously returns the present to it's home in the Eternal moment hidden like a baby in the womb. hidden like a a love that is as yet unspoken.

    If your not happy, your not walking the path laid down for us that we might

    walk away from attachment.

    swim away from desire.

    fly into the mirror
    see God behind your own eyes.

    We were created by Davine intention alone.

    We were Divinely willed in being.
    We were given this limitation.
    We are not as yet eternal beings. But we can partake of Divinity.

    Nothing ever happens in time. Everything happens in the Now. Now is the breaking wave of creation.

    Now is the world being born, is you being born into a world in which you can create.

    None of this can ever happen...except in the NOW.

    Seek the Now not with your tired sleepy heads scraped and worn by this world of men.

    a world created from the scraps of what we were given before we abandoned the NOW.

    Seek instead with loving eager and new reborn hearts. Find in gentleness your way forward.

    The Good really is THE GOOD!

    We experience psychological fear when we cut ourselves off from the NOW. and Live inside our own heads.

    God cannot help you while your lost inside your own fantasies. They are not real.
    God is the essence of REALITY. He will not abandon his work to enter your dream-scapes.

    Only in reality can he be with us in the only reality there is,is NOW
    Only in our hearts can we touch what is caressing us, beckoning to us to join him in the NOW breaking NOW, always Now upon the shores of our hearts.

    peace out peace in":O}
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