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Simcity 2013 Offline is here

Discussion in 'News' started by steve723, Mar 19, 2014.


Discussion in 'News' started by steve723, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. steve723
    I don’t understand why the game works but not the SDK.
  2. booman
    Dang... at least you tried.
    You are finding a few games that just refuse to run in PlayOnLinux.
    Welcome to my world :mad:

    I have a list of games that just don't run.
  3. steve723
    I am currently trying to get Galactic Civilizations I complete to run. I get as far as playing the intro then a blank black screen with the mouse cursor but no sound, The game keeps me from accessing the wine debug dialogue box. I have to kill the game process as alt tab just goes back to the game screen. Of course the back trace never comes up since I killed the game.
  4. booman
    Man, yet another one! Yeah, debug would be very helpful. Is this also Steam?
    What version of Wine is recommended on WineHQs?

    Checked WineHQ's and most of the "Platinum" ratings are using really old versions of Wine... 1.1.x 1.3.x
  5. steve723
    Yes. wine doesn’t have anything on this version and the information on anything to do with anything referring to the first version of GC is very little. Version 3 of GC should have begun Alpha as of today! Just go to Stardock's web site for information. For $100.00 you can join the Alpha test.
  6. mrdeathjr28
    Hi i post my result with wine, i tested simcity 2013 offline at 22 mar 2014

  7. steve723
    Are you new to simcity? I put power plants on top of a hill and check the wind overlay to see wind speeds and direction. flat land will only be about 8 miles per hour which is terrible for wind power. Just think of real life, Where do you see wind turbines? In hilly windy regions of course.

    You see to get better performance than I do. Of course I am using an Intle GMA 45 GPU chip and a laptop. Lol.
  8. mrdeathjr28
    Yes i dont game simcity currently, only try this game for testing

    Nvidia is needed for many games for compatibily and performance (with privative drivers) but i test on desktop machine, for this reason not have troubles with nvidia drivers installation (install nvidia drivers on notebook its more complicated)


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