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Starcraft II Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Daerandin, Nov 2, 2013.

  • by Daerandin, Nov 2, 2013 at 10:54 PM
  • Daerandin

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    Starcraft 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed rts Starcraft. This game features the same three factions of the original game. The graphics have been greatly improved, and there are sufficient changes to the factions so it does not feel like the original only with better graphics. The single player campaigns are very well done with an interesting story and great interactivity between missions.

    A lot of game content is free to play now, including the original Wings of Liberty campaign. The expansion campaigns must still be purchased, but the base game is now available for free. All you need to do is create a Blizzard account.


    This guide will explain how to install Starcraft 2 using the downloadable installer from battle.net with a custom PlayOnLinux install.

    Log in to your account on battle.net and you can download the installer, make sure it is the windows installer you select.


    Tips & Specs

    To learn more about PlayOnLinux and Wine configuration, see the online manual: PlayOnLinux explained

    Arch Linux 64-bit
    PlayOnLinux 4.2.12
    Wine 2.20-staging

    Setup PlayOnLinux

    Launch PlayOnLinux and click on "Manage wine versions"

    In the new window that appears, scroll through the 'Available Wine versions' box to find '2.20-staging' and click on the right pointing arrow to install it, afterwards it will appear on the right side under 'Installed Wine versions'

    Keep in mind that newer wine versions generally work very well, so if you are reading this guide and there are newer versions available, there is usually no harm in trying out the newer versions. Often there are great improvement, but you should always use the "staging" versions for this game.

    If you have a 64-bits system, make sure you have selected the 'Wine versions (x86)' tab above


    Just close the window. Back at the main PlayOnLinux window, select 'Install'

    Click on 'Install a non-listed program'


    Select 'Install program in a new virtual drive' and click next


    You can name the virtual drive anything you'd like, but for this guide I will be naming is "SC2". But like I said, you can name it whatever you want.


    Select "Use another version of Wine", "Configure Wine" and "Install some libraries" before you click next


    On the wine selection window, select 2.20-staging and click next. Make sure you select '32-bits window installation' if you are on a 64-bit system as it is normally the best practice.


    When the wine configuration window appear, make sure that Windows version is set to "Win7". Then select the 'Graphics tab and click the checkbox for all four options. The resolution you set for the virtual desktop should be your desktop resolution. My desktop resolution is 1920 x 1080, so you can see I have set that as the virtual desktop resolution in the screenshot below.


    Note: Even though the language is Norwegian in my screenshot, the layout will look the same for you

    Next click in the "Staging" tab. Here you should select to Enable CSMT. This will greatly improve the performance of the game, as well as eliminate a lot of crashing with high graphics settings.


    When you come to the selection of libraries to install, select the following libraries:
    • POL_Install_corefonts
    • POL_Install_vcrun2005
    • POL_Install_vcrun2008
    Make sure you have selected all these three before you click Next


    When you are asked to select the installer, find the installer you downloaded from battle.net and click on next


    Installing the game

    The first thing to be installed is the Batte.net client. You can de-select to add a shortcut as it really serves no purpose when installing it on Linux.

    Click on continue


    Next you must log in to your battle.net account.


    The login form does not work perfectly in Wine, but you can log in. Just ensure to fill in your login information in both forms, select to "Keep me logged in" on both the checkboxes. Then click "Log in to Blizzard" below the bottom form.

    Note: If you can't seem to type into the fields, press Alt-Tab to switch focus to another window, then Alt-Tab back to the login window.


    If you have an authenticator for your account, you will see this next. As with the login form, the "Approve" button does not work in the app. So you will need to click on "Use Authenticator Security Code"


    Here you can type in the security code from your Blizzard authenticator app. Note that you must select "Enter code manually" in the app.

    Note: If you can't seem to type into the fields, press Alt-Tab to switch focus to another window, then Alt-Tab back to the login window.


    Now the Blizzard app will launch. I suggest to not use the Blizzard app in Wine to make purchases as it does not seem to always work properly, instead try to rely on the website for purchases or in-game purchase options.

    Select Starcraft II, then click on the big Install button


    You should just let the game install to the default location. No matter where you select to install the game, it will be contained within the virtual drive, so there really is no point in changing it.


    The install process might take some time depending on your internet connection speed. Once it is done, you should exit the blizzard app so that you can create a PlayOnLinux shortcut. To exit the blizzard app, click on the Blizzard logo in the upper left corner, then select to Exit.

    Sometimes it does not seem to exit properly on its own. If it seems to hang upon exit (keep in mind it may take some time), then you can force it to exit by opening a terminal and running two commands:

    pkill -15 Battle.net.exe
    pkill -15 Agent.exe
    When you are asked to create a shortcut, select "Battle.net Launcher.exe" and click next. You can name the shortuct anything you want, "Battle.net" or "Starcraft 2 " seems logical choices. Next, click on 'I don't want to make another shortcut'


    Now make sure you have selected the game shortcut in the main PlayOnLinux window, then click on 'Configure' then click on the 'Display' tab.


    Here you should set 'Video memory size' to the memory of your GPU

    Now you can exit the PlayOnLinux configuration window and you are ready to play.


    The game runs great in my experience. I have been playing this game for years through Wine and I am able to run it with all graphical settings to maximum. I have played a bit of multiplayer with friends and family, and a LOT of single player campaigns.

    Click on the images below to see them in high resolution

    sc2_18.png sc2_19.png

    sc2_20.png sc2_21.png

    sc2_22.png sc2_23.png
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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Daerandin, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. ssj2songohan
  2. Daerandin
    This library is not required for this game to work. I noticed a performance boost when I originally did this guide, but with recent wine versions this should not be required. My current install does not include the videodriver library in POL.
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  3. BryanF
    Hey all,
    Fairly new to Linux, still trying to find my way around. I'm running Debian 8, and decided to try installing StarCraft2. Followed this guide (which was very helpful), and tried using several different versions of wine, but ran into some trouble trying to run Battle.net. After some digging it seems Battle.net now requires vcrun2015 as well, which isn't on POL yet. Just wanted to see if anyone can verify that. Thanks.
  4. Daerandin
    I strongly suggest using one of the newest Wine versions available. However, apart from that, there is one other thing you can do to get the Battle.net client working without vcrun2015. In the "Configure Wine" window, make sure that Windows version is set to Windows XP. This will let the Battle.net client function properly.

    EDIT: This guide was written several years back when the battle.net client worked a bit differently. A lot of the steps here are no longer required. Apart from making sure that Windows version is set to XP, you should only need the "corefonts" and "vcrun2005" libraries to run the game.
  5. booman
    If that doesn't work, then try manually installing vcrun2015 yourself:

    Start PlayOnLinux
    Click Configure
    Select virtual drive shortcut (left side)

    Miscellaneous Tab
    Click "Open a Shell"
    wget  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Winetricks/winetricks/master/src/winetricks 
    Press Enter

    chmod +x winetricks
    Press Enter

    WINEPREFIX=/home/username/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/starcraft2 ./winetricks -q vcrun2015
    Press Enter

    Note: Replace "username" with your login and the path to your star craft 2

    Close Shell

    Close Configure
  6. BryanF
    Hey guys, thanks a lot for the help. Still having trouble unfortunately. I'm running the latest version of wine POL has available (2.5).

    @Daerandin I tried configuring to Windows XP and just installing corefonts and vcrun2005. Got further than last time, but at the login screen it just gives the loading symbol (rather than log-in/can't log-in) and gives this error:
    Unhandled exception: page fault on write access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code (0x10fb18ef).
    Should I still be selecting 32-bit? Uploading full error as well.

    @booman I also tried manually installing vcrun2015 to an existing virtual drive (which I left configured to Windows 7 and have installed corefonts, vcrun2005/2008). All goes well up until the last step. It seems to be installing vcrun2015 but then I get:
    wine: cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\winemenubuilder.exe"
    Note: command wine vc_redist.x86.exe /q returned status 109. Aborting.
    I'm not really sure what to make of that. I should mention that I'm using the path specified but with my username, so:
    WINEPREFIX=/home/bryan/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/StarCraft2 ./winetricks -q vcrun2015

    Any thoughts? Again, greatly appreciate the help guys.


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  7. Daerandin
    I am running the game myself on Wine 2.4, have not tried 2.5.

    Are you running a 64-bit system? If so then you will need to set up multiarch so you have all required 32-bit libraries as well. I am not particularly familiar with Debian myself so the official documentation/forums for Debian might be helpful in that regard.

    But, you may want to try running 64-bit wine for this game. It is working perfectly for me. It should also let Wine use some of your 64-bit libraries.

    Regarding winetricks, I would suggest dropping the -q flag useful information may be omitted by that flag. Personally I have not used winetricks with PoL prefixes, only with regular wine prefixes I have created myself.
  8. booman
    Also, vcrun2015 needs to be installed before you install Battle.net
  9. Daerandin
    I have updated the guide, testing out the steps from scratch.
  10. booman
    This is updated with the Free version correct?
  11. Daerandin
    Yep, although there is no difference between the free and paid version, except you have more content available in-game. Besides, there have been a free version of SC2 for years where you could play custom multiplayer matches and even co-op missions. The only difference with the "new" free version is that more game modes are available without requiring purchase.
  12. booman
    Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to update this guide!
    I'll add "Free" to the categories.
    Nothing like more free games to play in Linux
  13. booman
    Is it true that Starcraft 2 is 23 Gigs in size?
  14. Daerandin
    My install is almost 26 Gigs, so yeah that is correct.
  15. booman
    Wow, why is a game from the 90's so HUGE?
  16. Daerandin
    I think you got Starcraft 1 and Starcraft 2 confused. Starcraft 2 was originally released in 2010, and it has since had two large expansions as well as lots of other content added.
  17. booman
    Oh, guess I did... oops
    Still, its crazy to think a RTS game released almost 8 years ago is 23GB and games like Skyrim and Fallout 3 are under 12GB
  18. Daerandin
    I have not looked into what exactly takes all the space, but the single player campaigns include a LOT of high quality cutscenes with a lot of dialogue so I would expect this to take a bit of space. There is a total of 4 campaigns with the expansions and mission pack (not counting the Protoss prologue and epilogue campaign). Each campaign also plays very differently with stuff to do outside of missions as well such as performing research or choosing how to upgrade your army. Or just interacting with the characters in the story.

    The game has also received a lot new content since the original release, such as the Coop multiplayer mode with multiple commanders. The graphics are also surprisingly high quality when running with settings on maximum, considering it's an old game.
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  19. booman
    Very nice!
    Thanks for clearing it up.

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