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Steam ADD 1000 Games for Linux

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 29, 2018.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. booman
    For now I will avoid testing Steam games and will stick to these Games:
    • GOG
    • Humble Bundle
    • Itch.io
    • Moddb.com
    • free-to-play
    • MMORPGs
    • Uplay
    • Origin
    • Arc
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  2. gamesrule
    Thank you, Booman; wonderful news. Personally, with not using Steam (very privacy-conscious), I'd been worried that the new Proton might suck everything into Steam. Playonlinux is so easy to use with your guides for games and dxvk.
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  3. booman
    I totally understand what Valve is trying to do. The same thing PlayOnLinux and Lutris was trying to do... Create simple install/setup/play process with a single click. Of course this involves scripting and testing.

    Maybe this time it will be done right!

    But unless SteamPlay can allow other games outside Steam, then I'll still be using PlayOnLinux... or even Winetricks if I have to.

    I wouldn't be surprised if SteamPlay will include some kind of "Install Non-Steam game" option in the future.

    That could change everything, but it would have to be a manual installation on our part.
    Which is exactly what GamersOnLinux is about.
    Install and test your own game after learning the process.

    Thanks for the compliments!
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  4. gamesrule
    Yes, and there's bound to be continued good dxvk/vulkan developments, which is helpful for independent installs and really exciting. So many people are keen about Proton, and coming over from Windows, which does get Linux more on the map too, but unfortunately with less of a focus on privacy, which is very concerning. Thankfully I find Debian to be very privacy focussed, and KDE (Neptune) too eg I saw in phabricator that there are further plans regarding privacy over the next couple of years.
    Even though I never use wine/winetricks directly, I'd follow any guide you did that used that option, gladly.
    You do a lot of good, and thank you for assurances; feel a lot better now than when Proton first came out!
  5. Daniel~
    I have long thought that until Linux finds a way to handle games or commands a position that attracts game makers we will always be the "other" OS.

    In a way Linux is in the position of a Game machine. Linux needs that " Have to have game" to awaken the masses.":O}
  6. gamesrule
    I understand, and also I wonder if it's that information generally is too fragmented, bits and pieces everywhere, except with the guides here. Anyone just learning about Linux needs a really clear simple guide of exactly what to install and how. Wouldn't it be awesome if WineHQ displayed a clear link to this site prominently, as then those who can't do the more technical stuff, or who are busy with their jobs etc, can easily see right from the start what to do. Maybe POL's site linked too, etc, rather than people having many different venues otherwise, that give a pointer or two, and still needing to work out the rest, which people end up trying to do unless they've found this site. If Windows users saw this site first, their view of Linux gaming would change, plus they'd learn as beginners need to from the start.

    I'm totally not able to do anything but the simplest things and follow the guides here, but am now able to run Witcher 3 (please see other thread) ... nobody more surprised than me, lol, and that was thanks to learning simply here, plus the distro/hardware dealt me a lucky hand also.
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  7. Daniel~
    You just posted what is probably the finest praise we have yet to receive.
    This is why we are here. This is why Booman is so diligent in preparing his guides.

    To bring gamers to Linux is a good thing. Especially when they cannot afford the MS path to unhappiness and poverty.

    Booman has shown a devotion not just to games but more importantly to those who play games and share his joy in them.

    I have known Boo since he came to us asking Gizmo how he might advance his career in computing. He's been with us ever since

    I can honestly say that I do not know a better man than Boo..
    I do not need a better man than Booman.

    I'm always happy to share my Boo with those who can appreciate him.":O}
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  8. booman
    Thanks everyone! I try to do my best.
    There will be a day when I run out of games to test, until then, I'll keep at it.

    I've always aimed our guides at beginners. I know most Windows gamers know the basics of installing games and setting the video options, but its still nice to see that stuff in Wine as well.

    It helps us feel at home when trying to install a game in Linux with PlayOnLinux.
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  9. gamesrule
    Thanks, Daniel and Booman. :) Am genuinely grateful, and very glad I can show that and also donate. After leaving MS to get away from the utter misery, stress and lack of being able to even use the machine for anything, I've gone through challenges to learn the basics and find the distro I'm really settled with in the 15 months ... always being able to play, right from the start, has been so stable and cheering, all the way through. Such good will and simplicity, which achieves what's needed so well, is exemplary, and I'm very happy to be able to be here. Much appreciate assurances, too; always great to learn eg whether 32 or 64 bit, the extra dependencies, etc.

    Hopefully POL/dxvk continues as long as possible as the route. Otherwise it would be time to learn how to use wine directly? as an alternative to Steam (not keen on the drm'd client; just can't play knowing every second is watched and recorded)? In the case of using wine directly, it would be necessary to have all the actual copies of main dependencies POL uses stored now, ready?
  10. Daniel~
    Once you've settled in We would love to see you try your hand at creating guides. No Rush!

    Your of course right, saying good bye to windows can be one long drawn out process, especially if one is on their own.

    I had lots of help and it took me YEARS! Truth is were it not for Mint I would be struggling still.

    I don't know how many distro roads you had to drag your poor ass down before you found Mint. But I hope you did so early in your search.

    I enjoy installing and playing around with different distros. I enjoy it because I don't go far beyond a stock setup and I don't have the slightest need to find better than Mint, Which is lucky for me!

    As you've no doubt figured out for yourself, Mint kinda stands alone. We diffidently owe Ubuntu a great deal. What Mint has done is create a completely stable Ubuntu that lags around six months behind Ubuntu, then Married it to the Cinnamon and Mate as well as a Debin (sp)release.

    Mint as far as I know pioneered the inclusion of 3rd party proprietary drivers. This is something that the Linux community has long debated.

    As the drivers are not open source but are provided by various manufacturers. But the simple truth is that Linux needs these drivers if it is to properly use hardware made by the likes of Nvidia.

    I guess I'm saying that for a new guy or one as untalented as myself your going to be hard pressed to do better.

    Linux is for the fairly gifted to the outrageously gifted. Mint is for the new guy and those who help us. But a whole big bunch of advanced users have come to Mint from all sorts of various Distros and are able to use it for most everything they do.

    There always seems to be "that one thing" that makes them want to keep their old distro options open.

    So welcome to my little chapel Where I pay homage to Mint, her creators
    and Convert whom so ever I may to Mint. ":O}
  11. Daniel~
    A tip for the new guys. The longer your post is the more you need to space things out. It tires the eye to read long blocks of print. where it must maintain it's place.

    Breaking your posts up into small blocks makes print much easier to read.

    But hey it's a free country, for a few more months at least, So do whatever you feel. I'll struggle along reading your indecipherable posts
    with hardly a complaint..hardly.

    Just keep your typing horizontal and I promise to do my best by those wretched, panicked,crowed little letters trying to find a place/space for themselves in our universe.

    I'm trying to help, honest I am!! LOL
  12. gamesrule
    I've made my own very basic linux notes during the 15 months since coming over, reading a bit here and there, but unfortunately I can't see me being able to manage to do guides; not great health, but am able to follow guides here, and hit extremely lucky with the Witcher 3 install, when I just added a couple of things I'd learnt here. I'm fairly sure my hardware and distro were a big factor in that luck, too.

    Tbh, I like Debian's experienced focus on privacy/stability, via Neptune KDE, which includes more recent KDE updates also; perfect for me, and runs the best of any distro I've tried. I'm sure we all have our own favourites/distro that works best for our hardware and needs eg I find Neptune is particularly good for art/pressure sensitivity and for gaming, plus I love the theming and ease of use.
  13. Daniel~
    Sorry wasn't trying to push you into something.I my self don't create guides. Was really just trying to let you know what might be available should you have an interest.

    You haven't actually tried Mint now have you? LOL
    Just a guess.":O}


    Your darn tooting everyone should have their very own Linux!

    That way they won't want to take mine!

    Heath not as we would like...there's a lot of that going around, around here.

    Every now and again we like to compare scares so to speak.

    But mostly I think we've agreed to laugh at pain and exile sorrows.

    Turn up the music...just a bit and wake the devil from his dream.":O}
  14. gamesrule
    No problem, and, yes, I was on Mint, but really 'clicked' with Neptune; very happily settled there. And I agree it's always best to make the positive choice; helps health more, too. :)
  15. Daniel~
    Sounds like I should take a look at Neptune. I'll hit it when the mood strikes again...as it always does. I have a spare drive I keep for such adventures.
    i use to mess about more with hardware and OS's, I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age or worse, contented.LOL
  16. gamesrule
    Lol, yes; good to be contented :) ... and have fun testing Neptune! When I tried KDE mid-2017 I didn't 'click' with it at all/thought it was far too complex, but in just a year they've removed two thirds of what was there, and what remains runs very simply and well ... my system is actually faster since the last microcode update, lol.

    The forum uses that horrible Akismet, which caught me when I was editing a post a few times, grrr, but the developers know their stuff ... in the one question I had time to ask, about pressure sensitivity for the Ugee, there was a quick response and easy solution, plus I think he's built that solution into the kernel, as I'm pretty sure I didn't install the required deb file on last install. Don't need to refer to the forum anyways, as nothing breaks, and can just get on and use the computer fine. Anyone who does want to use the forum though (there's an English sub-forum), don't edit or add attachments!

    If you want older-Debian-kernel stable plus a small forum, there's SolydK too, which I tried briefly but I didn't like as much as Neptune, plus the odd small glitch/tweaks to do with their rolling version. Neptune pulls off full stability but with newer updates ... not the absolute latest, but very good (4.17, Mesa 18.1, Xorg 1.19.2).
  17. Daniel~
    "For every person there is a Linux
    Turn turn turn.
    And a distro for every purpose in computing."

    And that's from the Bible! ":O}
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