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Steam Proton - Run Windows Games with Wine

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 23, 2018.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. booman
    I'm really surprised that Valve wants to take this on!
    PlayOnLinux, Lutris and Crossover do a really good job as a front-end for Wine, but can Valve make it even easier or better?

    What can Valve provide that these front-ends don't already do for Windows gaming?

    One good thing is that Valve now see's that Wine is a stable and necessary option for Windows games in Linux.

    The real issue will come down to support...

    Will Valve provide better patching, compatibility, DXVK, staging and updates for their fork of Wine?
  2. Daniel~
    So many questions! So many games that need an answer.I'm afraid my computer gaming is at an end. Still able to use the PS3 controller though.

    Still have an interest in how these things will shake out. So please keep us informed.
  3. batmanm0b1e
    I have got The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to work.
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  4. booman
    I wonder who is going to be testing all of the 30 thousand games on Steam with Proton?
    If its up to the community and scripts, this is going to end up neglected just like AppDB, PlayOnLinux and Lutris in the long run.
  5. batmanm0b1e
    it depends how far proton will go and what it can do. As of right now, i think a lot will still be using DXVK and wine. Its good to have both i hope none of them get to forgotten like playonlinux is getting it needs more help from others on the work front of the app and packages.
  6. booman
    I agree.
    I can't believe they have a Wiki to keep record of games that run. Yet another list of games... Looks like the Linux community is going to update that list according to reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamPlay/

    DXVK games are great, but Wine also supports literally hundreds ( maybe thousands) of Direct X 9 games as well. Most of them run great if there is no DRM, anti-cheat or incompatible libraries.
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  7. batmanm0b1e
    Yeah that's the other thing wine needs to get off and find a way to work with anticheat or bypass it somehow? I'm surprised nobody did something about that yet.

    That list is awesome booman maybe we have hope for getting higher tripleA titles to work after all. If it ends up all my game work on Linux bye bye windows. But you know some game won't based on windows 10. what are your thoughts?
  8. booman
    As far as I know... no games are tied to a specific Windows version. More like Direct X version instead.
    If you look at a list of Direct X compatible games, there are thousands of games in the DX8/9 category than DX10/11 categories.

    So as always, I'm more concerned with quantity than just new AAA games.
    If Wine can run 90% of games and most of them are DX9... that is a good ratio.

    I know most people are only concerned about the newest games, but seriously, there are thousands of hours of entertainment with DX9 games by themselves.

    I would love Wine to be more compatible with DRM and Anti-Cheat since those game would run fine in DX9.
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  9. booman
    Another concern I have is troubleshooting.
    When something doesn't work in PlayOnLinux I start a trial-n-error process with:
    • Wine versions
    • Overrides
    • Packages
    • Patches
    • Config Settings
    If we can't do that ourselves with Proton, then all we can do is post our bug and wait for them to fix it. I personally prefer to fix it myself instead of waiting.
    That was another down-side to PlayOnLinux and Lutris. You post your problem and IF someone eventually answers you have to wait for them to test and update the script. Meanwhile you can't play your game.

    I know we are at the mercy of Wine developers and their updates/releases, but I love how the community finds work-arounds to get our games running.
  10. batmanm0b1e
    aah now i hear you booman :)

    Yeah, your right there are tons of old game out there. I like old games I got one to work with proton (Dark Messiah of Might & Magic). Awesome!, I tired Darksiders which i know works with wine or wine-staging and proton didn't work they have a lot to update to it if they want to compete with wine,wine-staging-DXVK. They need more options and put fixes in so the end user and fix themselves. Like you said booman:)
  11. booman
    Darksiders even has a new Warmaster Edition on GOG that I need to try. It now has Direct X 11 support.

    Luckily the still provide the original game too, just in case it doesn't run on your older hardware
  12. gamesrule
    I agree about the larger % being dx9 games; most of the games I play are those, and a lot of fun. Great to try older or smaller games with just installing dx9 via POL, and to find that it works!
  13. booman
    Me as well. There are even new indie games being made with DX9 compatibility.
    For some reason nobody likes to mention the 10s of thousands of games available from 1990-2007 that run GREAT in Wine.
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  14. gamesrule
    Absolutely; dx9 game guides are very clear and easy to follow, not all those complex posts I see on Reddit about sorting wine directly, lol *shiver*. I think sometimes people get caught up in the fever for the latest, when there's so much genuinely good play in the games you mention ... huge backlog is the norm for Linux gamers, I think!
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  15. booman
    You are absolutely right!
    Most games only care about the newest greatest game.
    I'm a legacy player and usually wait until those AAA games are on sale.
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  16. gamesrule
    Sounds wise to me to wait; scandalous how expensive some of them are, and often rushed out and needing a few patches! Good that you can get some good deals later on. I wanted to ask if there's any way I can donate to you? Would love to.

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