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Thank you, Ian Murdock

Discussion in 'General Linux Discussion' started by allenskd, Dec 31, 2015.

  • by allenskd, Dec 31, 2015 at 3:11 PM
  • allenskd

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    Feb 5, 2014
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    To those who don't know Ian Murdock has passed away at the age of 42, there hasn't been details on his sudden death, but there have been rumor that he was involved in some police brutality event... remember, all rumors, nothing conclusive at all.

    But I don't want to remember Ian Murdock for the recent events but for what he did, he was the one that brought us Debian (DebIAN), back then I was just a kid didn't know even linux or windows existed... but due to the exposure of Ubuntu I learned about Debian and became to appreciate the insane efforts they have put over the years. As of today Debian is 22 years old (to know, if I'm not mistaken Linux kernel being 24 years old since its first release), that's quite a ride honestly.

    Thank you, Ian.
    Rest in peace.

    Debian mourns the passing of Ian Murdock
    Docker's Memoriam
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Discussion in 'General Linux Discussion' started by allenskd, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. ThunderRd
  2. booman
    Our lives can be gone in a simple blink-of-an-eye
    But I am grateful for his work on Debian.
    I would never have moved to Linux so easily if it wasn't for Ubuntu and Mint which are based on Debian.
    Thank you Ian!
  3. Aryvandaar
    Kinda late post but I just want to say that Linux wouldn't be what it is today without Debian.
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  4. booman

    Its great to give credit to the individuals who devoted time developing Linux!
  5. Daniel~
    I just keep thinking...
    Where were we when he needed us most?
  6. allenskd
    I don't think we could have made a difference... Ian was clearly having a really awful mental breakdown, imho, going to the internet is possibly the worst idea ever since it's filled with too many trolls, ill-intending people that would further worsen his health.

    Sadly to this date (as far as I know) there isn't much about what happened... or why didn't his family members react fast when he started writing the tweets... there's are too many questions :/

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