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The end of an era , but the start to another chapter

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Aremis, Jun 14, 2023.

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    May 31, 2014
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    Well, I tried.

    What did I try? Pushing back against a systemic change that I couldn't in my right mind let happen. However, I am outnumbered by many people who have lost what used to be, and I am otherwise alone in a corporate wasteland of product placement and degrading research.

    What am I talking about?

    I have spoken before on this stie about Level1Techs, Tek Syndicate, and the happenings since the split between Business Partners. However, I have recently come to understand more than one3 side of that event, and have gotten multiple perspectives about what happened, both through extrapolation and varing degrees of data shared by like parties.

    However, to vent my frustrations here properly, I have to assure to any party that reads this, no NDA was broken, nothing was damaged, no one is going after anybody. I am merely a hacker / researcher venting about an old drama that happened between parties I'm not even associated with. You could call this speculation, legally, but have reason to believe its legitimacy.

    When Tek Syndicate had split, it was blamed on the then video spokes person eating money and not telling people. This person is Logan, and admittedly he has a lot of nonsense going on in his life, but more to the point, he wanted TS to become the same tier of channel as LTT, which honestly was neer going to happen.

    Actually, I didn't realize until AFTER the split that most of the videos had like.... 13K views? I'm baffled as to how any business of any sort had occurred to allow for business expenses at all.

    However. I am not excusing any of the bad behavior committed by Logan and his close friends (Pistol ETC). Equally, I can understand things getting out of hand and being scared to tell anyone that anything happened at all. I'm sure there are multiple instances of fuckups, either socially, or via meta data.

    The HighLander incident with LTT getting stuck on the hill and Logan booking it, not helping anyone behind him was a dick move. Equally, ITS A THUNDERSTORM ON A MOUNTAIN, WHO IS TURNING AROUND ON THAT SHIT????

    I have some reason to believe theres other issues as well, but without too much prying, I really have no full picture, so I don't wish to label those speculations yet, if ever.

    However, the interpretation of Business Waste and Expense by wendell and others ATP goes both ways. Whatever may have happened, whatever may have occurred, doesn't matter. What does matter is that the community was carried on, the forum, and that has, at this point, been wasted.

    Many of the users that contributed lots of content, PC builds, a working warthog from halo, beekeeping, the whole chaotic nature of the furm was the point.... and it was just pumped full of astrogel, sanded down, and anything that would pop up was at best ignored.

    I tried to do anything to get the new team to expand. Anything. Forum interest in older machines and vintage stuff, hey start a board you could have a lot of stuff happen, new tech biases had them tell me to go **** myself for 8 months while the growable userbase died out.

    Many users were interested in PowerPC and the development of modern open systems, headed by Me and a user named Stenstorp for... quite a while. There was a mega thread, we made such noise that Wendell got a Talos system to show it to us. Well, he was offered one, and he saw us, so he wanted to see what the ruckus was about, but he even stated IN THE THREAD he was am,azed at the explosion of interest in a "dead platform".

    So... what killed the forum?

    Elitism. Elitism and Doctrine to maintain a status quo goerned by a small group of users, ignoring the voice of the forum and strangling it out so that they would be able to make something new. Quite literally, they hijacked the forum, all its content, the user database, all to kick Logan out, kill the performance part of the entire operation, and only output boring corporate content that I'm pretty sure you would see in any online school or calculator introduction video on a TI NSpire.

    In other words, they did what they said Logan was doing, went ham on kicking out the old culture that the forum had formed, in order to make everything numb, focused solely on basic help threads, ignoring megathreads, eventually banning them (why the powerpc one kept going I have no idea when people in the Lounge were trying to get it shut down,k probably didn't want to get me on their ass at the time), eventually banning a lot of what enabled users to organically make their own content on the forum, redirecting interest to a youtube channel that had nothing but corporate sales in mind.

    Trash. Basically. But condensed for nerds to buy server and workstation motherboards that cost 2000 dollars, and if you don't run the latest everything you are a poor and deserve to be laughed at.

    While this may not be the intended message, no one over there actually seems to have action or object permanence, so when you bring shit up they rage and get you muted.

    TBH the false flag op from 2016 to 2018 never stopped. Its just now instead of having to spam flags to get the mods to delete shit, now they are the only social group left.

    Goodbye L1T. You never knew what the **** you were doing. Now you hae to piggyback on LTT and GN to have any chance of continuing atuonomously and not pull Wendell's business down more.

    You were a cancerous wart from the start.

    Good riddance.

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