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The end of suffering

Discussion in 'Enlightenment Games' started by Daniel~, Dec 1, 2016.

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    A Buddhist story, perhaps as old as Buddhism itself and at lest as widespread.

    A woman recently widowed sat watching as her young son's body was letting go, his spirit passing from him, Passing from her, passing from life..

    .She remembered without thought, She remembered with her eyes how her son always left her side to chase after his father.
    She had tried to plan each day so that she was always near to at lest one of them.

    Helpless now abandoned and bereft of all hope. .Her heart near to busting as she thought with her mind that her son had once again followed his father like a shadow into shadows.. Her mind an empty mirror of night

    She recalled with her heart that her son's father had always been thoughtful of her ...always kind...

    Suddenly it was all more than she could bear. She tore at her dress and washed her self in the dirt
    Her mouth was torn open by the silence that poured out from her.

    The towns people all said, all agreed, the silence was terrible to listen to.

    Her neighbors could find no way to comfort her or ease her pain. Days went by, and she grew emaciated.Wondering aimlessly though the town her husband had brought her to when they first married

    and where God had turned his back upon her in the middle of the long prayer of gratitude she use to sing as she went though her days.

    "For her sorrows were still unborn."

    Months passed and snow came as hers became a winter world. Her light fading in the cold. it seemed that what was to be was to be and the town began to morned for her passing so near she seemed to death.

    But it happened that a young monk on a pilgrimage to see a reclusive meditation master saw her plight and asked after her story from the towns people.

    He then went to her home and told her that a "Hidden" master lived just beyond
    at the far edge of her own town.

    That if she told no one he would take her to him and that he was sure this master could help her.

    They went together and as the woman was barely speaking any more the monk explained to this master the fate that had over taken her.

    The master looked into the womans eyes, his own eyes happy and filled with a reassuring confidence!

    "Go back into town and if you can find one house that has not known death I will return your son to you!

    His smile was so compassionate and open that she was sure he would be able to return her son this very day!!

    Elated the vanquished woman.

    She racing from door to door seeking to know for certain if death had ever found them. Seeking the miracle of her son.

    But in every home her need denied,... for there was sadness, every home had known separation and death.

    As the day lengthened she slowly began to understand the impossibility of life without death. Joy without sorrow.

    She returned to the Hidden master
    and taking a vow to gain a true understanding of the world.
    shaved her head and became his first disciple.

    She kept her vow and after long years of study brought many with her out of winters darkness into the light.

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