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The travel agent

Discussion in 'Enlightenment Games' started by Daniel~, Dec 22, 2016.

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    A Samurai warrior of a fierce and quick tempered nature was drawing criticism for constantly disturbing the peace. Many felt he was much to quick to be offended...some felt something would have to be done.

    When a friend heard the things people were saying and became distressed on his behalf
    He made an appointment for his friend for the next day.

    Without telling his friend anything of their destination he tried to get his friend to see how his behavior was hurting him as they walked.

    When they arrived he left his hot tempered friend at the door saying to him

    "This man is master of the tea ceremony, very wise! He's agreed to answer one question at the end of your cup of tea. Think hard my brother your future may be at stake!"

    The warrior was enchanted by the calm grace of every thing the man did. Each movement begun then brought to completion with a relaxed almost feminine beauty.

    He instinctively very much liked the master of tea.

    :You have a question?"
    The old man gently asked him.

    Having recently crossed swords and survived only because his opponent stumbled he asked:

    "Is there a heaven and a hell?"

    The old man transformed before his eyes Screaming at him and making claws of his hands.

    "You stupid son of bitch! How worthless your family must be to let someone like you walk about pretending to be a warrior.!"

    The heart that had been open was cut and torn!

    The Samurai's sword flashed to the old man's throat.

    "Here open the gates of hell!" the old man screamed at him!

    The Samurai stood frozen for a moment then slowly sheathed his sword, droplets falling from his face.

    "Here open the gates to heaven."

    The tea master bowed.

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