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Were rounding the corner on Covid!

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Daniel~

    Daniel~ Chief BBS Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 17, 2012
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    Greenwater WA
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    Sorry, sorry, were actually just going in circles.

    Welcome to the third wave. At this point we should be done with covid and well pretty much
    just gone New Zealand Where their prime Minister;

    (My deepest congratulations on becoming the first world leader to give birth while serving in office!!)

    Beat the unholy shit out of covid, took away all the automatic guns from the bad boys
    and came to the podium with a brand new New Zealander in her arms!!

    So I'm asking why can't we have a pregnant President!?

    (Sorry) in the age of covid We can't wait for public opinion to guide us. Sooner or later we are going to have to resort to science.

    We can't ask a pregnant woman to enter politics in the Covid age in America.
    Any more than we can ask a republican to think of their neighbor!

    Republicans have firm principles. Once they aline themselves to the completely stupid
    and grounded themselves in the dumbest conspiracies to be found on the web or just by reading trummadoshits twitter feed, they cannot be moved!!

    So how can we help the mentally in-firmed among us?

    We can open or hearts to them and stay at home wearing masks until they all die off.

    (I tried just telling them they are acting in a stupid manner but stupid does as stupid is so..it was fun, but didn't help.

    My best suggestion is this:

    Let's ask New Zealand to send us a pregnant lady.!

    We would probably have to promise to treat her Way Way better than we are treating our own pregnant ladies. We need to also assure them that we keep our deceased republicans at a far remove.

    A new joke!

    Oh come on! how much could one pregnant lady cost?

    Nothing. we would just send trumpie to charm her into coming..

    What's so funny?

    They would never let trumshitpie into a civilized country!

    Hey that's it!

    All we need to do to rid the entire world of the shitfacedtrummy linage is to become a civilized country!

    We will of course have to wait until, I don't want to be morbid, but until enough Republicans die off and are replaced by civilized people. Luckily we have a whole nation of them just south of us in Mexico! If they won't come here (who could blame them) I understand that Jews make super replacement upgrades.
    Ask anyone! would you rather have a Jew or a rabid Nazi for your friend.

    If someone answers Nazi, stand back! They are a infected republican!!

    And they are dying out as fast as Tupeofshit can kill them!!
    So many Republicans and so little time hey Tumorofgarbage?
    Can you image what voting in person is going to be like in two weeks when the
    mentally deranged are given their own special derangement day to cast a vote and die!

    We should have ambulances waiting for them to vote super spread and keel over.

    (Shut up Daniel, Garbage trucks would be unseemly!)

    Sorry a bit of inner dialog breaking free and coming to the surface.

    So vote early, vote by mail and let nature take care of those who cannot be helped.
    until we hear from New Zealand. Be patient New Zealanders are having a party to celebrate
    a brand new New Zealander and his mother.
  2. cloasters

    cloasters Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2013
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    Great post, thank you! I voted the day after I got my ballot and put it in the mail. It's important to notice that El DeJoy laid off the Postal Police for the two weeks before the election. Which is GREAT, 'cause destroying Democratic Party votes is important, so that We Get a Fair and Balanced election. Just like Fox News!

    I'll start reading Greg Palast's "How Trump Stole the 2020 Election" after the election. It will be too depressing to read before it happens. Ho my brothers, we are in the deepest trouble EVER in this country's history.

    The politicians haven't yet annulled the destruction of the Posse Comitatus law of 1878, the one that prohibited using Federal Troops against the Little People should they raise their little voices in protest of some heinous crime BY the Federal Government.

    Just yesterday I came across an item in the news that said that The Fed's Military Police are preparing for a contested election. This is backasswards, Governor's of States can call up THEIR National Guard if they feel life and property are threatened. 9/11 caused the Congress to destroy Posse Comitatus. Well, you remember when Muslim Terrorists hid under every bed in America? Surely they must have died from dust bunny poisoning during the last nineteen years?
  3. cloasters

    cloasters Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2013
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    As of Election Day plus two I read that Biden is very likely to prevail. I thought that Biden would beat the Lump'o lignite coal by a decent margin. He has in many states but the sick pigs and piglets are stronger than I thought. Son of a beatch, more Americans are Nazis than in my worst nightmare. The monsters, and I do mean monsters sicken me to the core.

    And worse still they are proud that they do.

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