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a true story of human fraility.

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, Feb 12, 2019.

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    When I was about 22 a deadly tragedy occurred.
    San Diego has many beaches as one would imagine. Sand beaches, coves and surf beaches.

    But there were also cliff beaches. Sand stone in composition, wore by beach goes were paths down, sometimes several hundred feet to reach the water.

    The one in question was a favorite for all kinds of gatherings.

    On day of mention there was to be a formal wedding.

    Several hundred people in formal attire. People were thick on the trail, more a sandy path as the time approached.

    Then from around the middle of the path down a panic broke out then got very much worse.
    People started falling and being pushed off the path, many of them to their deaths.
    I forget how many died, how many crippled. But it was in the dozens on both counts.

    But I will never forget what caused the panic that led to so much death injury and unhappiness.

    You see they were all dressed up. The women had spent big bucks for their gowns and hair and make up. None of it water proof.

    It had started to rain.

    Only a light rain, but make up was running hairdos were falling.

    So pushing and shoving started as many reversed course back up the cliff to get out of the rain.

    There simply wasn't room for two way traffic.

    I used to go there as a kid. There was really nothing dangerous about the place, you could run down parts of it, but parts did require you to pay attention.

    I don't see a moral to this tale. Senseless things happen and sometimes we bring the senseless with us when we come.

    Maybe what haunts me is the disparity between the intended and the actuality.
    I can guarantee that no one got up that day to do anything but rejoice...

    And that everyone who went to bed that night did so in grief and horror.

    "Never send to know for whom the bells toll
    They toll for thee."
    John Dunn

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