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Covid Varients.

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, Nov 27, 2021.

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    At all levels the medial professions have had it with the unvaccinated.
    The unvaccinated are driving them out of the professions they use to love..

    They entered medicine to give comfort and save lives.

    Now they to often bury those who come to them.

    I propose we rename Covid.

    Lets tell it like it is. This is the stupid virus.

    Stupid it pushing medicals out faster than we have ever seen before.

    I have a proposal!

    We have vaccine, palatines and a pill. that are safe and proven. But we can't make stupid take it. Killing the people nearest us is OK!
    But making someone take a vaccine that would prevent our deaths is not to be contemplated.

    So what to do?

    No one who is not vaccinated should receive the gifts medicine offers us.
    We simply need medicals much more than we need he unvaccinated.

    Rather than turn away heart surgeries and al those good people who need medical care for all the reasons we knew in the past...

    Let the unvaccinated die. I wish no one harm. I believe in saving all that can be saved.But from the beginning of time no one has ever figured out how to save man from himself.

    The stupid vain and uneducated have kept Covid alive among us..


    Because they are stupid enough to believe their un thought out opinions
    stack up nicely against those who have spent their lives in study and practice of medicine.
    They are killing our doctors nurses and all that associate themselves with the healing arts.

    We are better off with 100 dead by stupid than to lose a single one of these sacrificial lambs.

    If stupid had any honor or sense of shame they when infected would stay home and die.
    But they don't. So our Doctors and nurses are burnt out
    They don't want to quit, they just don't have anything left within them to give.

    If Republicans want to kill Republicans I say let them.
    Quite possibly death is the only cure for stupid.

    If any have a better plan, One our courageous medicals would allow us to implement I'd love to hear it. Because Doctors have sworn an oath to treat even the dumbest and most willful among us..

    Even at the cost of their lives.
    They are quitting medicine to save themselves.
    While stupid won't even take a shot to save them selves.

    Delta is now old hat. a new variant, actually several new variants are emerging, one in particular is considered far more transmissible as well as far more deadly.

    Researchers Are not at all sure our current vaccines can work against it.
    The hope is that it will or that current vaccines can be "Tweaked"
    but they are not at all sure.

    I suggest that if we want to go on living we need to redefine social responsibility.. Stupid should not get to decide who lives and who dies.
    Stupid should get well or die.

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