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Daniel~'s Forum Rules Writ in Stone

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by ThunderRd, Mar 7, 2013.

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    The GamersOnLinux team members reserve the right to enforce the spirit of the following rules as we see fit:

    All posts are to be composed in such a manner that respects all people of all races, religions, cultures, and sexualities. No post may contain personal attacks, as they have no proper place in debate. The purpose of this forum is to facilitate growth, not to belittle others.

    The posting of obscene content is prohibited. No user may refer other users to outside content of an obscene nature. No pornographic content may be inserted, or linked to, in any post. The use of harsh language (swearing, cussing, and cursing) is prohibited.

    No user may use this system to promote or engage in any illegal activity. No user may refer other users to outside content that promotes illegal activity. The illegal sharing of copyrighted material is prohibited. No user shall promote the disabling of anti-piracy technology, or provide information that will enable others to disable anti-piracy technology.

    By posting or uploading content to GamersOnLinux.com [hereafter called GOL], you acknowledge and agree that such content becomes the property of GOL, to be used and managed by the site as we see fit. You further stipulate that you have the right to post or upload such content, as understood under the Berne Convention and the Copyright Laws of the United States. (Basically, you are saying that you are the owner/creator of the content, or that you have the permission of the owner/creator, or that it is permitted under 'Fair Use' doctrine.)

    Any content posted under 'Fair Use' MUST have proper credit given identifying the source. Note also that 'Fair Use' does NOT permit you to post the entire contents of someone else's work (such as a book or article), only enough to give the reader an idea of what the original content is about. Failure to do so may result in the removal of the post, and such further action as deemed necessary, including suspension of posting privileges and banning from the forum.

    No user may post or upload any content that infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party. GOL reserves the right to notify the relevant parties and/or authorities, including, but not limited to, police, copyright agencies, ISPs and upstream providers.

    No user may advertise any product or service anywhere on this system. Unsolicited advertising of content not owned by GamersOnLinux.com is prohibited.

    Some sections of GOL's Forums may have additional rules. Any additional rules will be stated in a locked post at the top of the section. Failure to comply with these additional rules may result in the termination of your account, or the termination of access to the sections in question.

    GOL permits members to display personal signature banners provided that they do not link to or advertise any service, product or site. These banners may be a maximum of 340 pixels wide by 42 pixels high. This space is offered purely for self expression; however, all rules governing propriety as stated previously in these terms of service also apply. GOL reserves the right to delete or amend any personal banners that are determined to be inappropriate, or not in accordance with the spirit of the forum. This privilege may be withdrawn without notice.

    Where permission is sought in advance, GOL may allow some linkage to another site that we consider to be of particular value to our membership. This is entirely at GOL's discretion and is not an automatic right.

    GOL has the right to terminate and/or suspend your use of any GOL sites, effective immediately and without prior notice, in the event of any conduct that GOL, at its sole discretion, considers to be unacceptable, or that GOL believes is a violation of these rules. GOL reserves the right to deny registration of any individual and thus deny any individual access to any GOL sites.

    New members

    Not all GOL Forum features or Topics are immediately available to new users. Access to the "User Control Panel", posting of outside links, personal messages and some topics are slightly delayed for security reasons, mostly to keep rip-offs and spam artists off the boards.

    All features are available after 10 posts, some much sooner.

    Contact us form.

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