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Dogma: Eternal Night

Discussion in 'Games' started by booman, Apr 15, 2016.

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    Eternal Night is a game project being made by a team of enthusiasts, who want to create a new MMORPG with the atmosphere of modern gothic punk and horror. This new game will allow players to try on an image of vampires and other mythical creatures who live among the mortals.

    The developers are boasting OpenGL and multi-platform:

    Game Features:
    • You are a monster under the guise of humanity. Your nature is that of a Beast and the Beast hungers for blood. Mortals will react to your actions and their reaction will be far from favorable if you show your true nature or go on a crime spree. Control your actions, otherwise your conscience will be drown out by pure instincts. When that happens, other Kindred will try to destroy you in order to protect their society.
    • The city’s existing in reality, architecture, monuments of art and a different view on them in the conditions of the new world.
    • A variety of the mystical inhabitants hiding themselves from eyes of mere mortals. You will become one of them.
    • The living game world which is continuously developing and reacting to players actions.
    • The unique game mechanics based on the best role systems of classic RPG games.
    • The fighting system that have no separation on strong and weak. You tactics can be ineffective in some cases.
    • Style and clothing of the characters are an important part of the project. We pay close attention to the creation of jewelry and clothing, allowing us to create a big variety of items for you to choose from.
    • The in-game character editor will allow you to customize all the details of you character’s appearance.
    • Modern firearms, cold weapons, powerful ancient artefacts, mystical charms and enchanted items – all of this and more can be used to thwart your foes.
    • Numerous supernatural powers will allow you to thrash your enemies with bare fists alone. But remember: mortals shouldn’t know about your existence, otherwise the consequences might be dire.
    • Extensive opportunities of social interaction with other players. You will be able to unite with friends to achieve the objectives together, or to gain the confidence of the enemies, destroying them from within.
    • Meet your friends or sworn enemies in night buildings of modern megalopolises. Spin intrigues or simply communicate in a pleasant atmosphere of the gothic world.
    • The special system in-game market will allow you to organize own business, whether it be trade or production.
    • Expand your characters skills, make a career in vampire society and rule over the whole cities.
    • We will prepare special tools that allow you to stay in touch with the game and your character, even if you don’t have a game client nearby. Just use your smartphone or open a web browser to use our remote access tool to certain game elements.

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