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[Guide] Running Child of Light on Linux

Discussion in 'Guides' started by allenskd, Feb 13, 2015.

  • by allenskd, Feb 13, 2015 at 2:27 PM
  • allenskd

    allenskd Active Member

    Feb 5, 2014
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    Hello everyone, today I’ll be posting a guide on how to run Child of Light, a beautifulRPG game by Ubisoft. This how-to requires you to have minimum knowledge of the terminal. Do not fret though, if you do all the steps you shouldn’t worry about a thing.

    My guides don’t include installation process. I will only include them when I see the need to have one. I got Child of Light on Steam, however the process should be similar to uPlay too. You can contact me through e-mail, please understand that I might be busy and it’ll take a while for me to reply.


    Due to taking down the virtual private server (VPS) soon I've taken a snapshot of the archives I've uploaded related to WINE. Issue has been solved. Leaving link as backup either way.

    You can find it all here

    Gameplay Video on Linux

    Let’s get started! Here we will create a directory, download the binaries and extract it. By the way, for the binaries signature, click here.

    mkdir -p ~/WINE/binaries/patched/x86
    cd ~/WINE/binaries/patched/x86
    wget http://thehumble.ninja/pelican_backup/assets/archives/wine-1.7.36-COL.tar.xz
    tar xvf wine-1.7.36-COL.tar.xz
    Now let’s export WINE to the PATH.

    Important Note: You need GNUTLS libraries installed for uPlay to work.

    export PATH=$PATH:/home/$USER/WINE/binaries/patched/x86/wine-1.7.36-COL/bin
    export WINEPREFIX=/home/$USER/WINE/bottles/childoflight
    winetricks d3dx9 wininet winhttp
    We have finally set up our WINE bottle, called childoflight. Let’s launch Steam, if you don’t have it installed, take your time now and install it. After you install Steam, remember to run Steam.exe like this.

    wine /path/to/steam/folder/Steam.exe -no-dwrite
    Once you have Steam installed, please download Child of Light. Once it has finished downloading. Launch the game from Steam.

    You’ll see uPlay installing itself as base. Once it’s done you’ll be asked to log in.

    Once you have set uPlay, close it completely and only leave Steam open. This is something you need to know.

    Important Note:
    uPlay doesn’t close completely. You have to look for the process and kill it. If you use applications like htop or ksysguard or an equivalent, look for the process and kill it. This step has to be done manually, even if you close Steam it will ask you to close Child of Light, this is because uPlay.exe process hangs.

    Now launch the game. Play to your heart’s content!

    Set up a shell script.
    Please note that you have to edit it at your discretion.

    export WINEPREFIX=/home/YOUR_USER/WINE/bottles/childoflight
    export WINEDEBUG=-all
    $WINE "/PATH/TO/STEAM/Steam.exe" -no-dwrite
    Save as ChildOfLight in ~/WINE/shortcuts. Remember to chmod +x it. Now you can easily run it as ~/WINE/shortcuts/ChildOfLight

    That’s all.
    Have suggestions, want to tell me something? Hit the About Me page and contact me. I might not get to you fast. I would be thankful if you use “[DGZEN]” as prefix in the start of the title, it’ll be easier to look for.


    For clarification this guide was originally posted on DGZen. As the author I've cross-posted it here in GamersOnLinux.com
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016


Discussion in 'Guides' started by allenskd, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. booman
    Nice Guide Allen! Thanks for providing the binaries.

    Go ahead and post your Guides in the Guides forum so they appear on the frontpage.
    If you can't post there, let me know.
    All game Guides go there, but anything else Linux related goes in the (Generic Guides) forum.
  2. allenskd

    Due to taking down the virtual private server (VPS) soon I've taken a snapshot of the archives I've uploaded related to WINE.

    You can find it all here
  3. booman
    I didn't realize your guides were using your own patched version of Wine.
  4. allenskd
    ... I thought you knew, haha. Yea, most of these guides were created because before there wasn't any alternative to run games like Child of Light in Linux. Meaning, I had to spend hours backporting patches from the bugtracker/mailing lists and apply them to already-released versions. I'm no longer using linux for gaming; I use it on this laptop though.

    I still need to upload one rather important blob, which worked for a few guys here which is the Guild Wars 2 WINE blob I provided in the forums months ago.
  5. booman
    Wow, you are even more determined to run games than I am!
    Nice job
  6. allenskd
    Phew, I solved the issue. The domain and hosting will stay up, here's to another year. (God bless SSH... couldn't do all the ninja stuff without it. Restoring the site in less than 10 minutes in a new host? perfect!).
  7. booman
    Awesome! Nice to have patience running commands via SSH... and knowledge for that matter.

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