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New Zealand goes into lock down... again!

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, Aug 17, 2021.

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    While many Americans have taken it upon their half witted selves to attack those who are trying to bring their self centered attempt at suicide to a better end, one that leaves them still in life.

    New Zealand has made of herself and example for all this world to follow. If we but have the wit to join our efforts to New Zealand's.

    Having eradicated, that's right, they eradicated Covid from new Zealand and gave light to show this world way out of Covid hell

    New Zealand, noble, rational, beautiful New Zealand is once more shutting down!
    How many had to die before they took this drastic measure?
    None, not one has died! Then why shut down?

    This will seem passingly strange to many, but they seem to like
    the idea that none should die!
    But you said they are shut everything down, Why?

    Covid has attacked ONE of their citizens. So as any self loving nation would do they shut everything down! One is to many for New Zealand to lose!!

    Oh how this world longs for more pregnant presidents to lead us away from pearl and into self preservation.

    Just know that there is and always was a world in which reason can prevail and in prevailing save mankind.

    When reason prevails,. we should follow.

    So the next time a Republican piece of shit tells you to expose your kids to Covid for the glory of the republican party
    remember good New Zealand that truly believes one death to be to many.
    And say a prayer for America that seems to believe that even the dumbest ideas and men are worth dying for.

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