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Picked up a cisco smart switch today

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Aremis, Jun 15, 2023.

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    May 31, 2014
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    Just posting a thing here. Got a Cisco SG200-50P today. Does 180Watts POE, is full gigabit, and will run most anything I need considering AP's and potentially a microwave network.

    The reason I am actually kind of excited about this switch and want to share this with all of you is.... its just like a dumb switch. You SHOULD log in, set a password, and turn all the VOIP features off.... but basically you set an uplink connection, or multiple, and call it good.

    I have 2 fibre SFP connectors as well, so I will run my workstations on the gigabit, and I have an older cisco switch to do 10/100 on. I want to split up the vlans some and have a "deadnet" eventually with the 10/100, but for the moment, that I don't have to **** around with configuration saves me..... SOOOOO MUCH HASSLE. Its actually dumb.

    Next I need a firewall up, then I can start formatting my server and reinstalling truenas.

    ATM my server is all HDD, but I hope to move to SSD's here soon. Problem is I'll only be able to buy one or two at a time as 500GB is 40 bucks used. So it'll be some time before I have an UNGODLY amount of throughput. Not that I need it right now.

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