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Discussion in 'Linux Guides (Generic)' started by Aremis, Aug 19, 2015.

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    To preface this: I stream for my job. I love it too and I can't deny it. But to be honest, it is hard work. It may seem like it's a guy just playing video games, and that's how I treated it for a while, but you have to think about it like you're running a TV station. New content, keeping your practice and skills up, and figuring out WHAT you're going to be streaming.

    Currently I have 12 followers and 2-4 regular viewers. I may not have much behind me, but the advice I can give and help has been taken from other streamers on twitch (Magikarpusedfly, TheYordles, and raihnbowkidz). It may seem like it will take forever, but if you have what you want to do down and noted, all that has to be done is doing what you feel comfortable with.

    Except nudity.

    Don't do that.

    Tools To Use :D

    There are many tools that you can use in windows or linux but the only tool I can recommend that is widely used is OBS.

    OBS - Open Broadcasting Software - is an open sauce streaming and recording tool. While the linux version is in beta, the recording quality is on par with Simple Screen Recorder.


    The benefits to OBS are pretty good. It's easy to use, as learning the tool is literally clicking everything once and reading stuff, records are clear, and connecting to streaming services is rather solid. I use this in linux as well as windows (when I want to use it {TOP SECRET: I hate using windows and almost never do}) and I have few problems.

    There are other things that you would want to research in the future such as TwitchApps and Nightbot.



    Twitchapps adds things for you like stats, donation/subscriber banners live on stream, and many more other live production tools that are beneficial to your format.

    Night bot is a simple chatbot that connects to your twitch chat over IRC. Commands are easy to make and other chat-effects are easy enough to assemble.

    On top of all this stuff, it would be good to put some research of your own in. If you're going to start streaming DO NOT think you're going to make a million dollars and be the next markiplier.

    Do not dive in to have it be a get rich quick scheme.

    If you aren't streaming for the sole purpose of the fun of it then you will either not be successful or not have any fun in it at all.

    I am doing this all because I have wanted to always be an entertainer. I would love to be on TV, but in this day and age of technology anyone can do anything they want to on the internet.

    Don't jump in thinking you will be a millionaire in three weeks, because that is un-reasonable.

    Do it for fun.

    Other things that would be good to have some practice in:

    Kdenlive for video editing - Twitch has a thing about music and they refuse to actually look at your purchase reciepts and licenses. It is much easier to store your records on a youtube channel, and at that run a youtube channel in cohersion.

    A taste in music - Don't play stupid crap. Unless your fans / watchers go in expecting it, don't play barney. 0_0

    Lastly, Be Yourself - Don't build yourself up to be a god. Talk to the chat. Make it seem like you're just there to hang out or something. Get comfortable with it and you'll be fine.

    Past that bit of advice I can't answer a question I wasn't asked. Post a question here or PM me your question. Otherwise the best research you can do is to watch other streamers.

    My Format (for example) - I play MMO's, League Of Legends, and RPG's. Soon I will be playing classic games.

    So do as you please and just have fun.

    Good Night, and Good Luck

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