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Things you can tell just by looking

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, May 29, 2017.

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    England endured Hitler.
    England endured the blitz
    and never once bent her knee.

    Nobody takes England by force
    no matter how devastated and disheartened
    by the cowardice and evil minded malice of her attacker
    for England there has always been a "round two."

    The Romans came to know this.
    Hitler came to know this.
    Those who attack her come to know
    round two always looks very different from
    round one.

    The world over feels the pain of Manchester.
    Manchester now carries all the sorrows of this world.
    I pray they will one day take comfort in the knowledge
    That martyrdom can never be attained by a cowardly attacker.

    Martyrdom belongs to the Innocent
    attacked without warning
    in their homes, walking their familiar streets.
    Those who slay innocence in the name of the most high have no fear of God
    and so will never see him.

    With God there is always a round two, never a round three.
    The final round, round two always goes to the innocent
    and to God who stands always at the side of the fallen. May peace be with you,

    "When you find yourself in darkness, cling to what you can remember of the light"

    To which I would like to add that by so; clinging to truth in times of darkness we come again into the light..

    I have no fear for Manchester
    Manchester in her time of sorrows and unspeakable pain is becoming in the light.

    I fear for her attackers whose hands folded in prayer are covered with the blood of HIS children

    How can hateful prayers be heard
    over the silence of the innocent and wrongfully departed?

    How do they not see that they silenced innocence's prayer to HIM?

    A silence fills his ears when the killers of children kneel.
    What evil madness to steal prayers from God?
    How can they not know just by looking...
    .Round two alway looks very different from round one..

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