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USA is at Cyber war with Russia!

Discussion in 'Random Nonsense' started by Daniel~, Oct 21, 2016.

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    As is now widely known Putin has ordered large scale hacking of our Government and institutions, most notably of late Putin Hacked the DNC and gave "sensitive" information To Wiki leaks.

    This turning over of our national and political secrets took place months ago.

    Julian Assuage (sp ?)
    Sat on it all thought the US primaries. Waiting until the hacked information could do the US voter no good at all. Waited until; Hillery was nominated as the DNC candidate.

    So much for Wiki leaks trying to do good in the world! This isn't a case of finding out something that the public should know. This is about espionage. This is about WIKI Leaks helping Russia side track out election...Which by any international measure is an ACT OF WAR.

    Obama is retaliating by going after the oligarchy's bank accounts. and private wealth...Which I personally think is a rather brilliant response.

    But you guys are far better informed as a rule than I when it comes to hacks and hackers
    Is Putin going to further escalate. How do you size up the coming fight?

    Whose in better shape for the conflict? Putin hires Russian hackers and we jail ours.. will this change soon...I mean a lot of conditional paroles...just like in the movies?

    Would really appreciate seeing your in sites and apprehensions on this topic.

    Be well.

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