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Wine DXVK - The Future with Vulkan

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Mar 21, 2018.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. booman

    Dark Souls III

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst... DXVK Wine 3.4 staging
    There are some audio bugs, but its amazing that the game runs and looks so good

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  2. batmanm0b1e
    awesome booman , So how would i run these i want too, what video cards are they using
  3. booman
    That isn't exactly clear yet.
    I have downloaded some compiled versions of Wine from Lutris and will do some testing, but I've read on Reddit that some registry tweaks have to be made so Vulkan will do the conversion.

    Either way, it will eventually be bundled into stable Wine at some point.

    I'm just super excited to see some Direct X 11 game running really well.
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  4. batmanm0b1e
    How would i start to run these with DXVK. Any instructions?
  5. booman
    Nothing organized yet.

    PlayOnLinux doesn't even have these Wine version available.
    I'm going to try a few over the weekend.

    I'm going to Test Just Cause 2
  6. batmanm0b1e
    Please write instructions if you get it to work. try GTA V also
  7. booman
    I will try, but haven't touched it yet
  8. batmanm0b1e
    holy nice did you do that
  9. booman
    nope, I wish I had that one...
    But I plan to test Assassin's Creed III once Vulkan is completely rolled into stable Wine.

    I can't wait!!!
  10. batmanm0b1e
    I cant wait!!! too :)
  11. booman
    I'm still researching how to apply vulkan in PlayOnLinux. Gamers on Reddit and Youtube have instructions for Lutris and Wine, but nobody seems to be trying it in PlayOnLinux
  12. batmanm0b1e
    post the link in for the instructions for Lutris might try that
  13. booman
    This is about as much information I can find:

    1. Install Lutris
    2. Install your game through lutris
    3. Right click your game
    4. Browse Files
    5. Find your game's .exe
    6. Find which version the game is: 32-bit or 64-bit
    7. Download & drop dlls in the same folder as the game.exe



    I don't fully understand what the "file * .dll" command does?
  14. Sputnik_tr_02
    That command lists .dll files in that directory and shows if they are 32 bit or 64 bit.
    For example, open a terminal in where the game .exe is and run " file *.dll " command and you can see info about them in terminal. It's just to make sure to choose correct DXVK .dll files to put there.

    I have tried S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat in playonlinux and it worked. Even tessellation works and performance is very close to native windows. I have put 32 bit DXVK .dll files into games bin folder (where the xrEngine.exe is) and chose wine 3.5 for the virtual drive and it worked. And i did not set any dll overrides. I also installed VulkanSDK for windows in the same virtual drive but i don't know if that is necessary.

    Edit: Unfortunately it seems Stalker does not run with DXVK
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  15. batmanm0b1e
    I tried it and Lutris is sh**t sorry but it is everytime i start the thing and open up steam in it it closes randomly. I never got things working right on that program. Thats why i use playonlinux. Not sure what i'm doing wrong but grrrrrrrrr
  16. booman
    No way!!!
    Can you make a short step-by-step so we can try it as well?
    I would love to integrate it into our guides...

    I didn't realize those .dll files had Vulkan integrated into them... no wonder we need them.
  17. Sputnik_tr_02

    First I created a 64 bit virtual drive in playonlinux then selected wine 3.5

    Next, followed your guide for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat to see which windows components should be installed then installed them.

    Then installed Steam and the game trough it. Also installed
    VulkanSDK- in the same virtual drive. (LunarG) but it may not be necessary i'm not sure about that one.

    Then i put 32 bit d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll from dxvk into /Stalker Call of Pripyat/bin folder (Where the xrEngine.exe is) then launched the game and selected dx11 from graphics settings and restarted the game. Also enabled all dx11 settings such as tessellation and checked in game and they are working.

    Edit: See comment #30 for the correct steps These are not working.
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  18. booman
    That is amazing!
    I will do some testing on a few games and then add it to our new guides.

    I also may have to try this with older guides like CoP as you have mentioned.

    Thank you for the short guide!

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