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Xbox Guitar Controller

Discussion in 'Games' started by booman, Apr 21, 2015.

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    I purchased an Xbox guitar controller to play Frets on Fire (FoFiX) second hand from Bookmans
    It works pretty good and have been playing on it with my family for many weeks now.
    The problem I had was the USB would randomly disconnect.
    I found that the connection inside the guitar would come loose when pulling/pushing on the cable.

    So last week I cracked it open and checked it out...
    Strangely the cable went directly to the solder points on the board in the guitar.
    No wonder it disconnects. The one thing that gets tugged on isn't anchored to anything but the joints themselves.
    Bad design

    I ended up cutting the wires, soldering them back into place and put everything back together.
    Now it works GREAT

    Next, try Frets On Fire in PlayOnLinux
    The Linux version never worked because you have to compile it... I think

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