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Linus apologizes, announces 'time off'

Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Sep 17, 2018.

  • by ThunderRd, Sep 17, 2018 at 5:55 AM
  • ThunderRd

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    Extracts from yesterday's LKML:

    "I need to change some of my behavior, and I want to apologize to the people that my personal behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development entirely."

    "I am going to take time off and get some assistance on how to
    understand people's emotions and respond appropriately."

    "This is not some kind of "I'm burnt out, I need to just go away"
    break. I'm not feeling like I don't want to continue maintaining
    Linux. Quite the reverse. I very much *do* want to continue to do
    this project that I've been working on for almost three decades."

    "This is more like the time I got out of kernel development for a while
    because I needed to write a little tool called "git". I need to take
    a break to get help on how to behave differently and fix some issues
    in my tooling and workflow."

    The complete post here:
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Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Daniel~
    No man knows himself. It is only by the effects he creates that he may judge what he has done and what is to come.

    I feel Linus shows remarkable insight into where he is and what he must do now if his work is to be free of personal defect that can creep in upon the unwary.

    This is a good thing that Linus does. This is the mark of a true leader, he remains willing to withdraw at any time if that is of benefit to those around him.

    When one meets with success it becomes difficult to see where further improvement is still necessary.

    Often the only means of doing so is to retreat, to put some distance between our self and the work we have undertaken.

    Such remedial work is not a waste of time. But rather the very thing necessary if we are to remain at the height of our powers and in full possession of our humanity.

    So Linus is going into a retreat.

    "Beware when a man takes two steps back
    He may be preparing for a great leap forward."

    I see great things coming from this
    I see a great man at work in his garden.

    The fruit of that garden, not to be selfishly hoarded but given freely to the world.

    How can such work under taken in this way fail to be of benefit to the entire world?

    Well done Linus you have over come success and so insure your future progress.
  2. ThunderRd
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  3. Daniel~
    "He is a human, and the best tonic for humans to resolve their own internal struggles is the support and encouragement of other humans. This is not unique to Linus, but to anyone who faces similar struggles."

    These are the words of the wise.":O}
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  4. Miracles Happen
    Linus, the more I know him, the more I love him!
  5. Daniel~
    Boy have you found found the right place!
    Welcome Miracles Happen We hope you can find a use for us!
    How do you like living in Cambodia?
    Thunder Road lives in Thailand, I live in forest out side, way outside of Seattle Wa.

    Not to worry no one likes Trump here either.":O}
  6. Miracles Happen
    Hey Daniel,
    I've been living as a vegan nomad minimalist for the past 4 years after having quit my "regular" life in Europe. I really like a simple life so for me is perfect, the food is good and the people very friendly. I travelled around Asia before getting here to experience meditation in the forest in Myanmar then I went to see Tibetan doctors in both India and Nepal. I also lived with some Thai friends in Thailand and I really believe that Thailand has become too polluted for me at this stage, I prefer very quiet areas and lately I enjoy the company of my dog and cat more than that of most humans...
    The forest was my first destination but then I realized I didn't know how to survive there so I returned to Asia (I used to live in Japan when I was younger and travel around as a backpacker). I can't stand a Western lifestyle any longer and to be completely honest, I can't stand the predatorial system which is about to collapse... Whoops, I was not supposed to tell you.
    Hey, good luck with everything!
  7. Daniel~
    Poor Girl! You've led an interesting life!
    I could no more support myself in the woods than I could become a city dweller.
    But I live beside a river retired from public life
    You might find something of interest in our topics , just click on "forums" and then scroll way down
    Fear and Trembling: discuss truths of life here
    Forum for discussions of the I-Ching and other Eastern Philosophies

    By the way where did you originate from...?
    You can tackle that one on any level you feel comfortable with and I'll try to keep up.":O}
  8. Miracles Happen
    The answers are inside your quote.... Magic!

    Good luck with everything you are doing!
  9. cloasters
    Welcome to GamersOnLinux Miracles Happen! It's very nice to see you on the site!
  10. Daniel~
    If one wishes to know magic...
    one must give up on tricks.":O}
  11. Daniel~
    I to live in a forest, but a northern one. I miss the monkeys but make do with the Elk.

    I'm at 1700 feet so late on summer, early on winter. I guess some would find my 28 ft trailer to be a great luxury. But as it's 30 years old I permit myself to feel both grateful and pampered.":O}

    Remember always that the dust of collapse in the soil from which the new is grown.

    In mind there is no east, there is no west. Mind has it's own directionality.
    Mind seeks refinement.

    I hung with the Tibetans for a time here in Seattle.
    A kind and loving people . A tree of many branchings.

    Mostly though I have been alone and have worked in solitude.

    At 70 after years spent in great difficulties, I find I have no regrets.

    "look at me, I'm old but I'm happy.":O}
    Cat Stevens.

    I hope you hang a while, fellow travelers should come together from
    time to time in their shared humanity.

    To wander without a goal in sight has taken up most of my life.

    I traveled, but the West coast is not the world. after a time this one gave up trying to see the world on the other side of my face.

    now I just observe the interior moving in and out of the exterior and try not to ripple the pond.":O}
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  12. Miracles Happen
    Our entire life's journey is about discovering our true self. All the people that you meet in this existence, whether good or bad, are there to teach you a lesson and each lesson is about the evolution of the soul.

    A society constructed upon fears only contributes to bring the evolution of the individual to a halt. It's much easier to hide behind material wealth and pretending to be confident rather than facing life's challenges which are there for the purpose of helping the soul evolve.

    The weakest and allow me to say, the poorest people I've ever met in my life, are those who have spent their entire existence accumulating wealth (though my interpretation of the word "wealth" is completely different) because they didn't understand that this entire existence is about love and sharing.

    Spending an entire life hiding behind material possessions to impress others it's definitely the worst thing an individual could do to her/his soul. However, nothing lasts forever and, as I learned from Hindu people, this too shall pass!

    People may use drugs and alcohol to silence their inner voice and put it to sleep but that wounded voice is your soul begging you to listen...
    Those who haven't listen for too long will die because, just like the purpose of a seed is that of sprouting, the purpose of the soul is to evolve.

    You, my friend, most likely already know what I mean otherwise we wouldn't be sharing the same dimensional reality in this fantastic multiverse.

    A hug from a simple woman living in Cambodia!
  13. cloasters
    I found out that my soul made me pay in pain after trying to silence it with a drug. All the same, I was overjoyed that it was still there.

    In the remote chance that the reader doesn't already know this:
    Stay away from heroin. Something like one in three people become addicted to it.

    I was a heroin addict long ago, yet I fought with just about every addiction there is over many years.
    Very happy to say that I have a quarter century and more of cleanliness behind me now.

    Eternal vigilance is my motto!
  14. Miracles Happen
    Fantastically done cloasters!
    The best people I met in my life all struggled with addictions.
    The reason why is because they are completely honest about who they are and honesty is at the base of every relationship and the quality I appreciate the most.

    I was only addicted to ganja for a limited period when I was younger but it was enough for me to turn my life into a nightmare and lose my self esteem... I also used to drink at the weekends with friends but sooner or later that too takes a toll on your health.
    Now, I don't even drink coffee anymore and I've been cleansing myself for years trying to get rid of the toxicity accumulated and the various health issues (I don't want to bore you here). It works but it takes ages as you probably know.

    Here in Cambodia, I get the best food ever at the fresh market and I cook it myself so I'm 100% sure nobody is adding chemicals to it!

    Great that you have made it and living a clean life now!
  15. Daniel~
    No doubt that a simple life graced by a natural mind is best.
    In obstruction the way back is the way forward.

    When what we are doing can go no further
    We must return for in return lies our daily self renewal.

    But what does one return to?

    To foundation.To where we were before we began to yearn and lust after
    The 10,000 things all bright and shinny":O}

    In obstruction We must return. To return we must leave behind.

    "The original nature of man is Good.
    But it becomes clouded by contact with Earthly things.
    And therefore must be purified before it can shine forth once more in it's native clarity."

    But how to make pure what has been clouded by Earthy things?

    "Purity of heart means to will one thing."
    Kirkaguard (SP?)

    What one thing can one safely will in all times and all places?

    We can will to love.We can will to love in clarity. We can will to see each thing differentiated, named and in it's proper place, a place determined by it's own nature.

    In short we can will to see the unfolding of our universe.

    There is but one perspective, one location, one alignment of the personality in which we finite beings can do this.

    We must open a door in our own hearts and step though it into the Now.

    To be be completely present we must leave hopes and fears behind for they are not a part of the Now. They are what oppresses and obstructs.

    To enter the Now we must bring quite to the heart. To bring quite to the heart we must enter the now.
    This is an entanglement All entanglements can be dealt with in the same fashion. Entanglements take place in the minds of men and women.

    There are no entanglements in nature.
    Nor any in the Now.

    It is simple but indeed not easy. We do not enter the now with our brains, but with our hearts. To will many things only makes the heart sore.

    To allow out thoughts to go beyond the immediate situation, beyond the Now, only makes the heart sore.

    To will the good can open our hearts an open heart does not wander far from the Now. An open heart seeks always a closer walk.

    To be in the now is to wander without a destination in mind.
    A journey though time and the timeless

    Seeking nothing and seeing all things in their germinal beginnings and rejoicing in their fulfillment.

    Baby steps
    Slow is smooth
    Smooth is fast.

    It is in being whole and present in our own perception that the Now, that the Tao opens to us. The mind sees, the heart perceives.
    "The heart hath reason which reason knowth not."

    An Early Christian monk wrote a very small book he entitled "The Cloud of unknowing."

    A state that allows us to forget the 10,000 things long enough to enter communion with what is before what is.

    Just a few footnotes of my journey out of time and into now.

    We must leave all our best and favorite stuff when we enter the now.

    The one true secret of the Now is this:

    The now awaits though out all time
    to pay homage to the sacrificial heart.

    The now is the domain of the Three Sisters.

    The one gives.
    the one who receives.
    the one who give back again.

    This is me giving back again.

  16. Miracles Happen

    Daniel, we are both seekers and I believe we both were born in a world which sanctifies reason over feelings.

    Now, after a lifetime spent studying and researching, it has become clear to me that we need to start feeling again.

    Everything in Maya is there to shut your feelings down. Without feelings you can do anything but when you start feeling again then you know,
    you are still alive.

    People who feel will never hurt another because when you feel you realize: there is no other.

    We are One!

    Blessings to you all!
  17. cloasters

    Thank you for the "pat on the back!" I also had an addiction to ganja, even though it's not addicting my mind was surely addicted to it. I sleep walked a lot while finally saying good bye to the stuff. This can be very embarrassing, glad that it's gone!
  18. Daniel~
    Blessings upon you as well.

    I have a bit of a quandary with Blessings. I mean my best intentions go with any blessing I offer...But Metaphysically what am I really doing?

    Because something more is going on here, more than my just saying best wishes. I'm asking for something aren't I ?

    For something on behalf of another. I'm asking whatever powers that brought us fourth to take a look at you, To help you on your journey.

    OK so far so good.

    But here's the impedimenta to my understanding.

    Does an omni- present and Eternally creating God need me to remind him/her/them of your need?

    AM I really asking that he/she lay aside or deviate from his determined course(however he/she arrives at that}, Just mesh the gears of creation so to speak on account of my liking someone?

    I confess I have the same difficulty with prayer. How can I pray for anything when I believe he has the whole of worlds in his hands...What would I dare ask him to change...I mean..just for me! LOL

    So my prayer life has been reduced to what I'm pretty sure wouldn't destroy the universe if it was granted.":O}

    Being on the sheepish side of being a spiritual warrior I play it safe. I ask for nothing.

    I give thanks.

    Naturally this means you get a rather circumscribed blessing from me.
    I dare not ask for anything on your behalf...What if he did it!!!

    Who know what horrors might unfold before us!

    I give thanks on your behalf.

    I'm really trying to keep us out of trouble here!! LOL
  19. Daniel~
    George you never met an addiction you didn't like.

    But George, you never had an addiction you didn't over come.

    The only real freedom we have lies in our ability to say no.

    No to this world.

    But vastly more importantly no to ourselves. No to whim. No to those things and behaviors that necessarily led to our ruin.

    Santana said that here are people who seek illusion and people who seek to know reality.

    Be at peace with your past George, you made the right choice. Now all you need do is wait to see that choice's fulfillment, Your home free George! ":O}

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