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Linus apologizes, announces 'time off'

Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Sep 17, 2018.

  • by ThunderRd, Sep 17, 2018 at 5:55 AM
  • ThunderRd

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    Extracts from yesterday's LKML:

    "I need to change some of my behavior, and I want to apologize to the people that my personal behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development entirely."

    "I am going to take time off and get some assistance on how to
    understand people's emotions and respond appropriately."

    "This is not some kind of "I'm burnt out, I need to just go away"
    break. I'm not feeling like I don't want to continue maintaining
    Linux. Quite the reverse. I very much *do* want to continue to do
    this project that I've been working on for almost three decades."

    "This is more like the time I got out of kernel development for a while
    because I needed to write a little tool called "git". I need to take
    a break to get help on how to behave differently and fix some issues
    in my tooling and workflow."

    The complete post here:
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Discussion in 'News' started by ThunderRd, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. cloasters

    Home Free. Very difficult for me to imagine such a state of being. It's possible that I'll have to wait 'till just after my final breath to see if I am genuinely home free.
    Maybe I won't be. Duhn, duhm, Duhhn!

    NB. Uh, oh, we may have split a thread here?
  2. Daniel~
    Until you find a way to forgive and love this world very little I say is going to strike you as possible.

    George this world was made for you. You were made for it. If you want to know how solid your place is, just look at all the abuse you've suffered at the hands of an unfeeling world and at your own.

    Look at the abuse you have given this world.

    After all the damage all the harm done. Your still here.
    This would not be possible for you or anyone if we did not stand, were not born upon a broad foundation.

    We are getting close George. It has taken forever but the end is neigh.

    "if your not here after
    what I'm here after
    you will be here after
    long after I'm gone."

    Set your burden down George, give up all your grudges. I married a woman like you. Just stubborn beyond my powers of comprehension
    Your in full possession of your yes and your no.

    Act like it while you still can.
    Tomorrow is anathema to the Now.
    I promise God doesn't care what any of us do tomorrow.

    A call to righteousness will never be heard tomorrow.
    You can not love the Good tomorrow.

    We would not worry tomorrow if we weren't afraid of today.
    This is the honest to God un-get-over-able truth of our world:

    We are afraid because we do not love this world, this process, this journey.
    We do not trust what we do not love.
    So how can we then believe we are loved?

    "As one doth the good, One comeith into the light."

    Please note, not before, yesterday, not after, tomorrow.

    But, in the very moment of action, In the very moment you put down your burden of fear and hate. You will come into the light.

    Do what you can today. Tomorrow is for children.
    Isn't that what we say when want to diminish?

    Yet children spend more time than any but the sage in the Now.
    It's hard to remember who you are if you insist on trying to be who you were.

    So DON"T LOL
  3. Daniel~

    I've been troubled by the second half of this post since I hit the post button.

    I'm not sure I can quite get at what bothers me about it, but here's my best shot.

    Is prayer interactive?

    It is my belief that we were given prayer not for God's sake but for our own.
    Prayer can and should be introspective. An opportunity to seek out any secret opposition to the will God as shone to us by way of our souls.

    They say prayer has the power to help the world...But is it the world that's in need of help?

    So I surmise that what's meant is that Prayer has the power to help men and women.

    For me, of this there can be no doubt.

    But is the benefit to only those who do the praying?

    Or is prayer interactive?

    Does God respond, is the universe responsive to prayer?

    When someone asks God's blessing...What happens then?

    It's pretty obvious that if there's a response it is not a direct one.
    That is children perish in the mist of our most heartfelt prayers.

    I just came to me! ":O}

    This is me unwrapping it to see what I got!

    If as My teacher asserts:

    "All this world is a prayer
    weather I pray or no
    And the prayer I might have prayed
    God heard as knew as though."

    Then when we pray we help create the world.
    We enter the vibration and sing our own notes.
    That we don't direct the out come of our prayers

    Is only as it should be. The great maker alone knows what is best
    for each of his creations.

    But it's just possible that in prayer we add our own note of agreement
    To his Great Symphony
    and give our enthusiasm to to his Incredible undertaking.

    But Is the divine open to our suggestions, our pleas?

    Ok, look at me. Now look at the Divine.
    To be honest I don't want him taking my suggestions!!

    There really IS an infinite gulf between Creator and created.
    Between high and low. So in prayer perhaps the best I can do
    is ask that I be given a place to serve his will.

    And to ask for others, all others, without distinction, the same.

    About that infinite gulf there is one thing that can span
    the immensity of that gap.

    His love for his creation. His love of Mankind.

    There are no road maps here, So if we don't go drawing one,
    we can never be lost!! ":O}
  4. cloasters
    Giving up all I think I know is a tremendous task. I must think I know a lot. Upon reflection, I don't know anything. This is a good thing that my ego fights against.
    "The Wizard of Id," now a probably long gone comic in the daily newspapers. Or maybe it was Sunday only?
    Which ever, I still don't understand what the Id is. Ego, that's easy. Id? I still don't get it.

    "Let go, let God." My problem is that I think God is an evil sob. Seriously. Almighty? Maybe. Eternal? Probably. Wrong? Definitely! Let me count the ways. Too many to list!
  5. Daniel~
    The id is the most primitive part of our brains. It's been called "The Lizard brain" in us. The Ego, the most advanced. It harbors our sense of self.
    It's the clever devil who enables our rationalizations.

    Rationalizations are fairly high level thinking as far as the Brain goes.
    Check it!
    We can know reality and preserve that knowing in case we need it later.
    While at the same time reshape that knowing to better suit our mood.

    "I hit bill."
    An admission.

    "Because Bill made a face at me."

    Here we preserve the truth, I did hit bill. But cleverly shift the blame for Bills fat lip onto poor bill. Ego is a really big maker of excuses that explain reality in terms we can except.
    I Didn't attach poor Bill, I just defended against his face which was attaching me!!
    We are not cray cray when we do this. We are protecting our own good opinion of ourselves.
    But when we act this way, it is a corruption, a cowardly act, within our thinking. A corruption very few ever completely rid themselves of.

    It takes a lot of damn gall to confront our rationalizations.
    When we do we are admitting to our imperfection.

    Our own conceit of infallibility is exactly what our rationalization are constantly working over time to protect.

    Over the Id we have no control. It was here before we were. The "I" is a very recent add on to the brain. The Id can't make up stories.

    But as it drives the self protect, fight or flight mechanization it probably motivates our rationalizations.

    So much easier to address the workings of a brain that to deal with our minds.

    OK George lets do this!":O}

    So you have judged the Lord of creation and found him wanting

    ."If you say this world is not good enough, I'll give up my life to lift you up,"
    Rob Thomas and Santana

    A great lovers lyric no? A man wooing a woman. An exchange between equals.

    But you are accessing the Divine. and placing your judgement above his creation.
    Which is hilarious as that's exactly what Satan fell for, just before he got kicked out of heaven..in the myths of the fall.

    And here you are in your self created hell wondering how you got here! LOL

    My own perverse humor aside, you are not the first to fall to and then hold tightly this error, The most notable in the west is probably Abraham.

    He two judged creation. Unlike you he took his quarrel straight to the top.

    God was testing Abraham.
    So there Abraham sat literately on top of a dung hill swarming with dug beattles. God had wiped out his two 2000 cows. Wiped out his camels.
    Killed his wife and sons.
    His best friends who KNEW Abraham was a virtuous man, turned against him insisting that he confess his fault.

    But Abraham knew he had done nothing wrong. So covered in his boils, stricken by decease and starving Abraham at last breaks in his mind with his God. He turns toward the heaves and demands of God that he be told why the world had turned against him.

    The man who for all time would be called "the father of Faith"
    Got his answer!

    "Where were you when I made the heavens and brought forth the earth."

    This is God telling Abraham that "you have no standing"

    you cannot control the molecules in your piny finger. How can you hope to grasp one who controls all the molecules in creation?

    The Creator of all owes no one an explanation. yet he invites all to seek and come to an understanding.

    So I just have to ask you George
    Is what you just posted the understand you have arrived at or just another cry of pain in the dark night?

    Because as understandings go your is horribly deformed.
    Show me a mistake, just one, in all of nature.

    He who is reality itself does not make mistakes.
    You are not a mistake though you are mistaken.
    As we all are from time to time.
    Just exactly do think think he got wrong?

    These question require of us that we be Ernest and objective.
    So that if we err we will not go wrong.

    You don't understand. this is probably the best starting point of all understanding.
  6. cloasters
    I don't intend to insult a god that is not there. The absence of god seems more than apparent.

    In other words, faith is required to accept the existence of an almighty.

    Faith in the invisible and benevolent seems foolish to me. Evidence supports the lack of any organizing force, for humanity is purely insane.

    Nature doesn't seem insane, but its cruelty abounds.

    Frankly, I simply don't know.
  7. Daniel~
    Hmmm. Is it God or you who is absent from the Now?

    Having no concept of a future Animals really suffer less than Men. They suffer loss and death. but they don't carry those things with them every day as we do.
    As a rule when a single animal suffers death it has some benefit to the great mass of plants and animals.
    The simple rule is that every thing that's born must die,
    That there can be, in a finite place of limitation, continuously new births.

    There's another available view of faith.

    What if we didn't need faith to see God?

    Stop and think about this, What would it do to a human beings physic
    To be constantly aware of a all powerful God you have no faith in? The oppression of that.
    How would that be different from hell.

    The divine allows us to ignore until we can survive that knowledge. Until faith protects us.

    Think of faith as a pressure relief valve until we are worthy to be seen. It allows us to hide.
    Yet as things are we have to want to see.

    My teacher use to tell me that if I not seeing God, it's because I don't want to.

    As far as knowledge goes., I don't know either . But I have faith

    that knowing will come to me in the fulfillment of His will.

    For a Loving God, I must have faith.

    But I can live and breathe the Divine. I see the Divine in all things.

    If God does not push upon us knowledge of himself Who am I to try to push this upon you?
    . You must take it upon your self to discover what is and/or is not.
  8. cloasters

    Maybe I'll be able to have faith in the future. It's really all that is left to me.
    For the nonce it seems foolish to me. Perhaps it was my childhood that made god a sick joke to me. Being manhandled cruelly by those who surrounded themselves with symbols of faith turned off Christianity to me forever.

    Sure, god doesn't have to be Christian. But that crucifix is a cruel symbol that meant living hell to me. Still does.

    Thank you for trying to help me see the light. It's wonderful that someone cares so much!
  9. Daniel~
    But George...
    I keep telling you there is only now. To have a past or future you have to think about it. To have a now you need only be present.

    Your fighting with yourself. You see what must be done, but fear keeps you from starting.
    In such an impasse it's good to have a goal to strive for. Find something that can unite you in an undertaking.

    Undertake nothing by means of force. Force can achieve short term goals but in the long run always brings about a reaction.

    My suggestion would be this. Become an unbiased observer of yourself. Do not judge, do not condemn, do not praise do not flatter yourself. Just see now.
    Happy trails my wanderer.":O}


    If you refuse to be happy none can make you so.

    So be very sure that's what you want.
  10. cloasters
    I'm reminded of a friend who was relating part of a story of being in the desert on peyote. He said he could feel the Earth turning. This upset him so he started jumping up and down and asking the world to "please stop."

    It refused. Always something!
  11. cloasters
    I have become more of an unbiased observer of myself lately. Gotta be honest, I don't enjoy much of what I see. Maybe you can hear the "hiss" of my deflating ego from all the distance between urbania and naturama? Hope not!
  12. Daniel~
    So then be sensible Keep what you like and change what you don't. This is entirely your game, your deck of cards. Walk away a free man.

    Ironically it's called a leap of faith. When the captains drunk the ship in flames, take command or die.

    I say choose life, we will have all the time we need being dead.":O}
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  13. cloasters
    So very, very true!

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