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Origin Humble Bundle

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 14, 2013.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. rolandttg
    I just did the same thing! Thanks for the tip! Yippee.
  2. steve723
    There is a script in POL for The Sims 3.
  3. booman
    No way, cool, those guys are on top of those new games!
    I'm downloading Mirrors Edge now. Never played it before and have always heard good things.
    I've tried Battlefield 3 in the past, but had a lot of problems just getting Origin to work. That is... Origin the Steam rip-off.
  4. steve723
    I have the Steam Version of Chivalry but I can't get the display to work right installing via POL or even plain wine. It does run under wine though. Of course I am running a GMA 45 from Intel so I expect some problems with modern games.
  5. steve723
    FYI: EA says The Sims 4 will launch next year.
  6. booman
    I've been watching that game in development for a few years now... looks really cool.
    Maybe they will eventually decide on a Linux port...

    Man, I havn't played Sims since the first one
  7. steve723
    You should try it again it's way cooler now. Much more realistic depending on your system.
  8. booman
    Honestly I'm more of a cooperative PvE type of gaming. I hate getting cut-down by the 13 yr olds that play games all day long. Kinda ruins the whole fun.
    So I like playing along-side friends killing the minions and bosses.
  9. rolandttg
    I got Origin installed. On first start up looks good. It seems after several tries that gecko is necessary.
  10. rolandttg
    I spoke too soon. It did install and I was able to start downloading a game. But I did not notice that POL was still doing a manual install. A window was hiding another window.
    Still it is encouraging.
  11. booman
    Yeah, you have to close Origin after its installed so PlayOnLinux can create the shortcut. Thats all.

    I installed Origin today on my Chromebook and it was pretty easy. I used the Wine 1.5.28-Origin and it installed with only IE8 and vcrun2010. I added core fonts too.
    Now to download something...
  12. rolandttg
    Thank you. That will get Origin to install .... Will anything else need to be done after the download? And will all the Origin games go into the same bottle? I would hate to goof it up after a long download.
  13. booman
    I have a feeling you can back up the game files if you mess up Origin.
    Just look in the Program Files in the Origin virtual drive.
    Then you should be able to re-install Origin, copy the game files back and continue the download. In theory of course.... it works for Steam.

    Depending on what game you are going to play, you will need the Windows Libraries it needs to run. You know... d3d9, vcrun2005, etc.
    Then you will need to set the Display setting in PlayOnLinux configuration.

    Trial and error from there
  14. rolandttg
    The Origin script didn't work for me. But I got it running. There are numerous bugs in the debugger. Not sure if it will make any difference.
  15. steve723
    If you look on the POL forums at the Simcity 2013 thread you see that I modified it to add the Origin install method. The script will get all the way to downloading and installing Origin and letting you log in, but you still have to go to the games tab and download the game manually. after it installs click on the file drop down menu and choose exit to exit Origin then click next to let the script continue so it can install the short cut.
  16. rolandttg
    Is this it?
  17. steve723
    Yep I am steve723. That thread is several pages.
  18. booman
    By the way, Origin added two more games...
    • Command & Conqueror 3: Uprising
    • Populous
    Downloading C&C 3 now!
  19. rolandttg
    I hope you can get it running on linux

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