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Origin Humble Bundle

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 14, 2013.


Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. booman
    Me too... have you already tried?
    I'll look on WineHQ and see if anyone has success
  2. booman
    There is a script in PlayOnLinux for Red Alert 3: Uprising
  3. rolandttg
    Oh hey! It looks like I got another game for nothing!
  4. rolandttg
    I thought you purchased another Humble Bumble to get Red Alert 3 or I didn't know that I had it to begin with. Maybe I wasn't paying attention. Either way Yippee!
  5. booman
    EA tacked them onto the bundle. If you already purchased it, you get them free.
    Cool huh?
  6. rolandttg
    It is great! I am shocked!
  7. booman
    Were you able to get Red Alert 3: Uprising running in Linux?
  8. rolandttg
    Nope. I downloaded a little of it on my laptop. I will try on my mint desktop if I can figure out how to do it.
  9. rolandttg
  10. booman
    I got uprising working just fine. Posting a guide now. in Steam of course
  11. rolandttg
    Outstanding! Wow you work fast!
  12. booman
    Since I don't know much about C&C or strategy games, can you write a short description for my guide?
  13. steve723
    Origin is having a sale on the CC 17 pack. I hope it lasts until I get paid again. :)
  14. booman
    I have to admit, the strategy games are kinda lacking in thrill for me. I love strategizing, but commanding an army takes way to long to build and then send our my long time prepared troops just to see them get sqaushed is really frustrating.
    Ironically when I clicked the Yuriko campaign (not knowing what I was doing...) I found myself completely drawn in!
    Now this is my kind of game!
    A single character with superpowers and can create absolute destruction!
    Why is this campaign even in the game? It should be a game on its own.
    Man this is fun!
  15. rolandttg
    I favor RTS games but that was not always so. I liked the old side scrollers and first person shooters. But I got sucked in with C&C and Starcraft. You keep it up with this Red Alert you will be too.:)
  16. booman
    I don't know, did you try the Yuriko campaign? Its nothing like a strategy game... its more like a Dungeon crawler RPG. Which is why I like it.
    Almost like you are a super villain coming to destroy the base someone built up.
    I was quite surprised... its very anti-strategy.
  17. rolandttg
    Yup, I tried it. I got her killed early too.
  18. booman
    And? Were you impressed as I was?
  19. rolandttg
    I liked it. I just played it a few minutes. I agree a dungeon crawler. Is it like that all the way through? Impressed with the game overall. Especially considering what we paid for it.
    Looking at your game pictures, it appears your graphics are much better. I have been playing on my laptop. Graphics aren't great on it.
    Since I have it on my laptop, I wonder if I will be able to copy the game onto my Mint Box?

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