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Discussion in 'Enlightenment Games' started by Daniel~, Dec 3, 2016.

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    This is a story I was told in collage so, I cannot attest to it's reality, only it's truth.

    During the last weeks of World War one, There was a great concern for the well being of
    academics who had not been heard from, lost in the fog of war. Teams were sent trying to locate and aid them if needed. We are talking about half the great minds of Europe.

    One such Mind Was Ludwig Viconstine (sp?) a Student of Bertrum Russel.

    He was located in his office. As the rescue team entered his study a explosion tore a hole in the exterior wall of his small room. Setting at his desk he appeared to continue reading.

    The men waited as the smoke cleared the room. Perhaps a bit annoyed at their reception.
    They HAD spent weeks in danger trying to find him.

    The room still a bit smoky and Viconstine still reading when someone shouted out:

    What do you think of the war?

    Viconstine answered without looking up..."Which one?"

    I suppose I remember this story as for me it exemplifies an axiom of the I-Ching

    "Once a man has learned in his heart what fear and trembling means all outer terrors bounce off him harmlessly."
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