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Phoenicis PlayOnLinux 5 Alpha Release

Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Sep 24, 2018.

  • by booman, Sep 24, 2018 at 11:23 PM
  • booman

    booman Grand High Exalted Mystic Emperor of Linux Gaming Staff Member

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    Finally after several years of waiting, PlayOnLinux developers released the first Alpha version of PlayOnLinux 5


    Unfortunately they are scripting games from scratch, which means there are currently 135 supported Games/Installers (scripts)

    Report bugs here:

    They changed the names of the tabs so now we have:
    • Library
    • Apps
    • Containers
    • Engines
    • Installations
    • Settings
    Library Tab
    Is kind of confusing, specially with no games installed. It must be where the shortcuts will reside once you install something?

    Apps Tab
    This is where you can search their repository of scripted installers... or Games. Similar to clicking Install in POL4

    Containers Tab
    Shows you all of your wineprefixes and allows you to modify them like with Configure in POL4
    They removed the "run a shell command line" in the virtual drive which prevents installing winetricks and ability to install other dependencies like:
    • vcrun2015
    • dotnet 4.5 or 4.6
    Engine Tab
    Where you can choose a version of Wine to install. The only reason you would want to do this is to test the script installed game with another version of Wine. I would think the script would be updated to newer versions as game/client updates break the script...

    Installations Tab
    Appears to show current script installations that are in progress. I'm guessing it will be blank when all of your games are done installing.

    Settings Tab
    Allows you to change graphical settings in Phoenicis and Network, Repository, File Association settings. Not all features are available yet.

    I tried installing Dark Forces and there was very little feedback that anything was happening. After about 2 minutes the Steam installation began.
    There was a Steam error and after clicking "OK" nothing happened. There was a pending installation in the Installations Tab, but my only option was to "cancel"
    Then it disappeared.

    Side Note:
    • No manual installation to test your non-listed programs
    • Most of the GUI is just like PlayOnLinux 4 wrapped in new Java graphics.
    • All of the icons are re-used from PlayOnLinux 4
    • I don't see a debug option anywhere
    • I don't see any arguments for additional commands to run in the game console
    • No Components installations for manual testing of non-listed programs
    • No way to switch Wine versions on a Container (Installed Virtual Drive)
    Looks like Phoenicis DOES have a manual installation.
    Go to Apps and run "Local Installer" it will run a custom installer where you can install a non-listed program
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Discussion in 'News' started by booman, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. gamesrule
    You're right; all of this 'rely on online, not yourself' I don't think is a good direction ... if people don't even get the chance to steadily read, learn and fix things, that's not fair, or even natural. There'll just be far more frustrated people, playing a lot smaller range of games.

    And things are far too online/corporate increasingly, as well as the accompanying privacy/data issues. Almost makes me wonder if companies taking on all this extra script-writing etc may plan to charge soon eg for support. Anything getting locked into online is more at risk of that happening, and nobody who cares about privacy/data etc is going to be able to pay in or join in ... only active option left then is to vote with feet. If only more did that, eg more people getting involved here/with POL4. The impression I've got of the wine wizards is that they aren't your sharing type, lol, which made finding your site even better! Otherwise, there's reams of videos showing a game working but with zero clear instructions.

    A wedge getting bigger, I think, where there'll be the game-focussed, regardless of anyone else, and those who go to wine/winetricks and succeed, or try to, lol, which isn't an easy option for the tech-challenged, or those new to Linux and who came across for privacy/to get away from corporate ... could put people off Linux, which MS would enjoy.

    Surreal that Lutris, Steamplay and POL are all focussing on these scripts ... 'easier' isn't easier when all people end up with is waiting for outer fixes, that may never happen ... and non-AAA games are even more unlikely to get scripts. As you say, being able to choose the right wine per game makes perfect sense, and has worked for years and years successfully!
  2. booman
    Now I'm hearing on Reddit that Proton should fallback to Direct X 9 compatibility even with DXVK enabled. Not sure how this works, but I got a few commands to enable/disable Direct X 11
    Force DX11
    PROTON_USE_WINED3D11=1 %command%
    Disable DX11
    PROTON_NO_D3D11=1 %command%
    Disable esync
  3. booman
    Another downside to Proton...

    Re-testing thousands of Windows games every time Valve updates the Proton version has to be exhausting. Just like all the AppDB test results. It gets to the point where the test results mean nothing as newer versions of Wine fix the game or break the game.

    With Proton you will never really know if your Windows game is going to run. If it does... GREAT, but if it doesn't... WHAT NOW?
  4. gamesrule
    I agree; seems a heck of a faff :confused: and it's a shame that many won't be able to have confidence about whether or not a game will run or continue to run in the future. Many bug reports/issues, about what you describe. I can't imagine all those games being tested, so fingers crossed it wasn't more of a PR move. All I can think is to keep what's stable and independent close, and hopefully more will realise how great it is to use and support Wine/HQ and POL4; when I came to Linux I didn't know gaming would even be possible, so have always valued these things, including your guides. Grateful to have choices. :)
  5. booman
    Good point... that is a HUGE undertaking but once a game is reported a success from enough community tests they should lock-in the Proton version for that game.
    Specially games that are never updated.
    Games that are constantly getting updates, development and patched should always be tested with newer versions of Proton.

    As if Valve supporting Wine isn't a huge undertaking already.
    I thought about applying for a job at Valve to help test games.
  6. gamesrule
    I just want stable independent play on Linux to not be impacted adversely by anything. Very bad health, and simplicity/privacy help with that. I left windows to get away from corporate/privacy issues, and, with respect, don't really want to get into Proton stuff. I just appreciated your simple guides and wanted to do a donation; am actually hardly ever online, and in the process of removing any remaining accounts, so please don't be offended when I do that. A lot of google/facebook/twitter links I noticed on each page, via https everywhere. Again, not trying to offend.

    If POL5 brings in the very important POL4 features, that'd be a really great and unique step. I just thought! ... is the POL5 developer also employing anyone at any point?

    Dxvk changes are causing problems, and 4.18 kernel included graphics regression. Reading that LTS 4.19 fixes things. Without those things right, bigger games don't run, so it's good news about 4.19.
  7. booman
    No problem. I totally understand. Internet has made life way too complicated.

    I love computers and games, so I'll be sticking with them for many years to come. I mostly play offline as well. Sometimes I test an MMORPG here and there, but offline is the way I like to go.

    I'm in no way offended and very appreciative for your donation.
    If you decide to stick around, I love chatting with you!

    Keep gaming!
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  8. gamesrule
    Thanks, Booman! :)
    booman likes this.
  9. booman
    This morning I just got a very unexpected pop-up from PlayOnLinux
    Apparently they have made an update!!!!????


    Is this real?
    I will have to test it on a spare computer just to see what changes they have made.


    I checked the website as well and now it shows 4.3.2

  10. booman
    Looks like Phoenicis DOES have a manual installation.
    If you go to Apps and run "Local Installer" it will run a custom installer that is very much like the old Manual Installation from PlayOnLinux 4

    Trying it now...
    Crashed the first time
    Got past selecting a game to install and now its automatically downloading Wine, but taking forever... probably crashing again

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