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Drakensang Online Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by booman, Oct 10, 2014.

  • by booman, Oct 10, 2014 at 1:52 PM
  • booman

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    Drakensang is free-to-play MMO RPG and only requires a few minutes to setup. The download is literally under 10 Megabytes and the game loads in seconds. If you want to play a quick game with stunning graphics, intense minion skirmishes and cooperative gameplay (PvE & PvP)... Drakensang is the best place to begin!



    Follow my step-by-step guide on installing, configuring and optimizing Drakensang in Linux with PlayOnLinux.

    Note: This guide applies to the Drakensang Online version of Drakensang. Other versions may require additional steps.

    Tips & Specs:

    To learn more about PlayOnLinux and Wine configuration, see the online manual: PlayOnLinux Explained

    Mint 17 64-bit
    PlayOnLinux: 4.2.5
    Wine: 1.7.39

    Wine Installation

    Click Tools
    Select "Manage Wine Versions"

    Look for the Wine Version: 1.7.39
    Note: Try using stable Wine 2.0 and 2.0-staging

    Select it
    Click the arrow pointing to the right

    Click Next

    Downloading Wine


    Downloading Gecko


    Wine 1.7.39 is installed and you can close this window

    Download Drakensang

    Go to: http://www.drakensang.com
    Click "Play Now"
    Create a new account, or login with your existing account

    Do not click download because Chrome will try to download a .dmg file.
    Copy and paste this link:

    Note: Link may not work because of the setup version. I right clicked the download button, selected "copy address" then renamed .dmg to .exe

    Save "dro_setup.exe" to your Desktop

    PlayOnLinux Setup

    Launch PlayOnLinux
    Click Install

    Click "Install a non-listed program"

    Click Next

    Select "Install a program in a new virtual drive"
    Click Next

    Name your virtual drive: drakensang
    Click Next

    Check all three options:
    • Use another version of wine
    • Configure Wine
    • Install some libraries

    Click Next

    Select Wine 1.7.39
    Click Next

    Select "32 bits windows installation"
    Click Next

    Wine Configuration

    Applications Tab
    Windows version: Windows 7
    Click Apply

    Graphics Tab
    Check "Automatically capture the mouse in full-screen windows"
    Check "Emulate a virtual desktop"
    Desktp size: Set to match the resolution of your Linux desktop (for fullscreen)
    Click OK

    Installing Packages (Libraries, Components, DLL's)

    Check the following:
    • POL_Install_corefonts
    • POL_Install_d3dx9
    • POL_Install_tahoma
    Click Next

    Click Browse

    Navigate to your desktop
    Select DrakensangOnlineSetup.exe
    Click Open

    Click Next

    Click Next

    Click "I Agree"

    You will probably see this error
    "Certificate import failed: Unable to add certificate to certificate store"
    Click Ok

    Uncheck "Run Drakensang Online"
    Click Finish

    PlayOnLinux Shortcut

    Select "thinkclient.exe"
    Click Next

    Name your shortcut: Drakensang
    Click Next

    Click Next

    PlayOnLinux Configure

    Select Drakensang
    Click Configure

    General Tab
    Wine version: 1.7.39

    Note: Click the + to download other versions of Wine. Click the down-arrow to select other versions of wine.

    Display Tab
    Video memory size: Select the amount of Memory your video card/chip uses

    Close PlayOnLinux Configure

    Launching Drakensang

    Select Drakensang
    Click Run

    Enter your username and password

    Note: There will be updates from time to time and the game will ask if you want to install them at this screen. Click Yes and allow it to install.

    Click Login

    Click Play on the server recommended for your location


    Setting Fullscreen
    Click the square on the tip right to set fullscreen

    Click the three bars on the top right

    Select Settings

    Click the eye for video settings

    Turn on/off:
    • Full-screen quality
    • High graphic quality
    • Blood effects
    • Shadows
    • SSAO

    Click the green checkmark to apply

    I absolutely love Drakensang! I have been playing Drakensang on and off for over a year and have leveled up two characters to level 31. The graphics are amazing, the installation is quick and it runs on almost any hardware. With WINE 1.7.39 it will crash about every hour, but you just have to kill it and then launch again.

    Drakensang is truly an addicting game with great boss fights, random encounters with other characters and unlimited loot.

    Gameplay Video:








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Discussion in 'Guides' started by booman, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. dem
    Do you pay to obtain usefull stuff, or looting (without too much griding) is enough to progress in the game ?

    It's been a while since I played this game.

  2. booman
    There is a LOT of loot as you kill minions and bosses. They even drop coins as well.

    I was able to level up my characters to level 31 & 32 without spending any money at all.
    As a matter of fact, the in-game currency has two forms:
    • copper, silver, gold
    • Anderments
    The store requires payments of each depending on what you want. Anderments will get you a lot of nice equipment, mounts, weapons, powerup, but it will require real money.

    You can get a lot of anderments by completing quests...

    There is still some "grinding" to level up as well. Some of the towns (hubs) will give you a lot of quests, sometimes too many quests. Some quests are unlimited and can be done over and over to level up.

    Once you get to level 29 & 30, there are less quests.
    I recently found that new quests open up depending on your level. So if you level up, new quests appear.

    Its a genius business model: Free to play, spend to speed things up.
    I'm really patient, so I've never spent a penny.
  3. Revord
    I'm having some difficulty getting it to work on Ubuntu 14.04. I get an error message that states that it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows". I'm kind of new to Linux, but I attempted to follow the procedure exactly as described. Is there something maybe I missed? I have the log file if you should require. Thank you in advance.
  4. booman
    Thanks for reporting the QT error. I just recently got the exact same error. I'm going to look into it this weekend.
    Really makes me mad because Drakensang always installed and played just fine for me.
    I've been playing it off and on for over a year and never had problems.
  5. booman
    Off the top of my head... try changing Windows version to Windows XP in Wine Configuration
  6. Revord
    That got me further, but the client pulls up with a blank black sceen. But I don't get the qt error. I know it worked just fine on my xp machine just before it went belly up. It should work on 7, but obviously Wine is still a bit finicky lol
  7. booman
    Yeah Windows 7 in Wine always worked for me. I've read that Origin has the same error for Windows 7, so if you set it to Window XP, Origin will not error the QT bug.
    Not sure why Drakensang is doing it. Might be a Wine problem.
    Feel free to download a newer or older version of Wine. Drakensang works in almost all of them.

    Can you play any other games in PlayOnLinux?
  8. booman
    I am definitely getting errors when launching Drakensang. Really SUCKS! because I've never had this problem in over a year and a half!

    Drakensang thinclient.exe is erroring about QT5 libraries that can't be found. It can't find the qwindows.dll even though its there in the support folder for Drakensang.
    I'll keep researching it...
    Changing Wine to Windows XP removes the error, but the game still won't completely launch.
    I can get to the login window, but updates aren't working and when I login, the game screen never appears.
  9. Daerandin
    Starcraft 2 also had QT errors with the newest Battle.net launcher. It works when settings Windows version to XP and using a more recent Wine version. I just thought I should mention this since it seems to be similar to the issue with Starcraft 2. Try Wine 1.7.22 or newer.
  10. booman
    I read the same things, specially with Hearthstone and Origin.
    Unfortunately XP didn't help. I tried all kinds of Wine versions and still no success.
    I'll keep researching and will probably post on the Drakensang forum to see if anyone else is having this exact same problem.

    I have a feeling the devs were using an earlier version of QT and are now using QT5. There are a lot of posts online about the error I'm getting, but it for windows and other GUI uses, not Drakensang related.
  11. booman
    Drakensang is definitely broken! I have tried it over and over with different versions of Wine and I still get the Qt5 error with Win7 and download errors with Win XP.
    For now its a waiting game...
    Once Wine developers have updated Wine to be compatible with Qt5 Drakensang should work again.
    If not, maybe someone will patch a version of Wine to fix it for us.
    I have posted in PlayOnLinux.com forums and the Drakensang forums. So far I have not heard many responses, which is strange because I'm sure 100's of gamers are playing it in Wine and PlayOnLinux.
  12. booman
    The guide was updated and QT5 now runs in PlayOnLinux with Drakensang. Also try a newer version of Wine without the QT5 network patch and it might work fine... I haven't tried myself yet
  13. graywolf.theheathen
    Just wanted to mention that out of curiosity I installed this with 1.7.44 and it runs great.
  14. booman
    Thats great! I'm glad Wine finally worked out the QT5 bugs
    Thanks to other clients like Battle.net and Steam of course.
  15. Vale
    There is no exe file from the website only a dmg i cant install the game:(
  16. Vale
    Sorry it was my own Fail. Because i have Linux the Website was thinking i am a MAC so i used a Browserplugin to say the Website i am a Windows and now i got a exe:)
  17. booman
    Wow, i'm surprised you need a plugin to get the exe
    I've seen this problem before and most sites have a button for "other operating systems" or "Win"

    Don't click the big "Download" button at the top
    Go to www.drakensangonline.com
    Click "Play Now"
    There is a button on the left side "Download Game"
    I clicked it and got a Windows installer exe

  18. Vale
    Oh okay i think at the german site ther is no section for this:D
  19. booman
    What? No button on the left? That is really strange. What plugin did you use to get the exe?

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